SassyFlix | A Black Veil for Lisa

A Black Veil for Lisa

  • R
  • 1968-08-11
  • 01:35:00
6/ 10
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Investigating a major drug ring, Bulov, head of Hamburg's police narcotics division, is under pressure because a number of informants are killed before they are able to talk. Bulov also suspects that his much younger wife, Lisa, has committed adultery. His assumptions lead him to allow the drug ring's hired killer, Max, to remain free under the condition that Lisa will be killed. Bulov comes to believe, however, that Lisa has not been unfaithful to him; but before he can reach Max to countermand his instructions, Max and Lisa become attracted to each other. Bulov tries to rearrest Max, but Max stabs him to death. Lisa then returns to her real lover, Schoerman, the head of the dope ring, but he rejects her because of her affair with Max.