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Alfie Darling


Alfie returns, up to his old womanizing ways, until he meets his match in a sophisticated magazine editor Abby. His pursuit is complicated by his encounter with Norma and the fact that a jealous husband won’t let him forget about his time with his wife Fay.

More sexual adventures from Naughton's tirelessly tiring character Alfie, this time Price (instead of Michael Caine) doing the dishonors as a roving truck driver who has a lady waiting for him at every stop. When he meets the beauteous Townsend, who is almost as much a heel as he is, the similarity leads to mutual respect, then avowed love and plans for marriage. In a flagrantly contrived ending, the nuptials are called off when she dies in a plane crash, leaving a saddened Alfie to go slinking to other seductions. Everything about this film is cheap--the story, direction, camerawork, and especially the acting.