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Another Chance

  • R
  • 1989-11-23
  • 01:39:00
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John Ripley is a successful soap star and enjoys the perks that comes with being a famous TV star. His hedonistic lifestyle takes a brief pause when he meets cover-girl Jackie. However, old habits die hard and John is soon back to his philandering ways resulting in a breakup with Jackie. He soon hits rock bottom and loses all the trappings of fame at which point he realizes that none of that matters, if only he could woo Jackie back. Thus begins a tale of recovery and a pursuit to win back the one thing most important to him.

Soap star and playboy John Ripley was bouncing from bed to bed when he met Jackie. The beautiful cover girl was the newest client of his agent and best friend Russ Wilder. After falling for Jackie, John can't stop his old ways and loses her when he's caught in a compromising position. Things get worse and after bottoming-out John realizes Jackie was the best thing he ever had. He starts back on the long road to recover his fame, fortune and most of all Jackie.