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Back from Eternity


A South American plane loaded with an assortment of characters crash lands in a remote jungle area in the middle of a storm. The passengers then discover they are in an area inhabited by vicious cannibals and must escape before they are found.


One of my favorite "little" movies

This is one of my favorite "little" movies. It is better than the original "Five Came Back" and is a curiosity because of John Farrow's having directed both versions. The fact that it IS all done on a sound stage fits it perfectly, as well as the black and white. It reminds me of another of my favorites: "The Thing (From Another World)" with Kenneth Tobey. Great ensemble acting and not a word of dialog wasted. I think Robert Ryan's height helps him here; Chester Morris is on the short side. The story? Plane goes up, plane comes down. In jungle. People must get out of jungle to safety. However, there are problems with the plane and with the very unfriendly folds who live in the jungle. Kind of like an early version of "Lost."

Very Entertaining B Movie!

Warning: Spoilers

I've been waiting for years for "Back from Eternity" to come out on DVD. It, along with many other older movies, is on my Website King Spud's Movie & TV Pages on my Up to the Minute Page. For a time many films on my List were coming out on DVD, but of late nothing, save The African Queen has been released. Back from Eternity is an absolutely terrific little film, albeit a B movie. It has an excellent cast led by Robert Ryan and Rod Steiger in an early role. The rest of the cast are doing some of their best work, Beulah Bondi, Cameron PrudHomme, Jesse White, Phyllis Kirk, Gene Barry, Fred Clark, little Jon Provost and especially Keith Andes, who makes one wonder why he wasn't a bigger star. This is an edge of your seat film, a real nail-biter. The tension builds as the pilots and passengers scuttle to repair the downed plane's engine while the danger of an attack by Jivaro headhunters increases. A fine score by the great Franz Waxman also helps elevate this film to almost classic stature. I saw it as a kid and never forgot it. After all these years it was great to see it has held up to all my expectations of its thrills.

Great Remake...

Five Came Back was very good and Back From Eternity was a very good remake!!! Let's do it again in 2020 and see what technology can do?

Then again, maybe isn't everything!!

Really fun!