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Battle of the Amazons

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  • 1973-08-11
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Action, Fantasy

Amazon is a rewarding subject for the creators of explotacion-cinema of the 70’s… Where else but in films like this to combine adventure story, erotica, violence and even add to this fantasy world without spending much on costumes and props? Here is filmed in different countries and with varying degrees of success. “Amazon women love and war” Alfonso Brescia is not the worst representative of kinosearch. Even, perhaps, given the maturity and consistency of the world, the distinctness of the script, the staging fight scenes, careful selection of types is one of the best. A little bit more, and the film could be considered almost mainstream. But for this “little” it was necessary to invest in actors, costumes for extras, the scenery… it’s in Italy in those years preferred to have quantity but not quality, so Alfonso Brescia had to do with what you have. Instead of actors to use the models, costumes to rent with forests of pine, which the villagers in his film dressed as a bunch of “popdance” from different countries and eras, and decorations to do, say, conditional…

Despite all this at Amazon Signora Brescia turned out to be quite viable, though, compared to his companions some other movies, not too sexy. But very warlike and aggressive. However, there is a suspicion that in mass combat scenes Amazons substituted stuntmen-AMAZONE – too manly move practically all participants of the fights and fights on the cold steel, but this film is rather a plus than a minus. Although, of course, the girls EN masse and knowledgeably colocasia healthy men, in any case look a bit strained. But in this case – see the rules of the game: the Amazons to do it properly.

By the way, in this picture Amazon is not a mysterious tribe of warlike women, as in Herodotus, and just kind of gang that terrorizes the local population somewhere in the conditionally-ancient Asia Minor. Those who can pay them tribute – leave alone. Those who try to resist, punish, killing women and selling into slavery of men. Just some of the Tatar-Mongols gender perversion. The plot of the movie this is based on the fact that one of the villages in rebellion against the authority of the Amazons and begins to provide them with armed resistance, hiring slavisa in the surrounding forest of thieves and putting at the head of the revolt fled from the female captivity warrior Zeno and his beloved Valeria, the daughter of slain warriors local headman.

Oddly enough, the writers did not look among the Amazons positive characters, presenting them to a certain gang of rabid feminists. For what may be labeled “sexist”. But from the song words can not erase. The most positive female character of the film, Valeria, dreaming of the notorious “three” (Kinder, Küche, Kirche), but forced with sword in hand to defend their right to “simple female happiness.” By the way, in this regard, and eroticism in the film is much less than one might expect. Of course, this is not the film that you can watch with your kids (unlike, for example, Spanish “Kilma, Queen of the Amazons”), but rather because of scenes of violence and cruelty than sexual content. The actual Amazon most generally don’t look very “attractive” even sacramental leather bras and short skirts. But the fight, as has been said, quite cascadura-professionally.

In any case, for explotation-movie “Le amazzoni – donne d’amore e di guerra” very good. At least when viewing it possible to do without irony and sarcasm, usually necessary when dealing with such a movie. And that is something…


Bad, But Fun To Watch Nevertheless

"Amazzoni - Donne D'Amore E Di Guerra" aka. "Battle Of The Amazons", is a poorly produced film with bad actors, of course, but nevertheless, I find it enjoyable. The fun aspect of this movie, a film of a genre that was big ten years earlier, is the pure exploitation, the fact that it tries to compensate a cheap story, bad acting and poor dialogue with lots of nudity, sex and gore.

A tribe of Amazon Warrior Women terrorize the country by kidnapping young men, who are then forced to submit to the disputatious (but pretty hot) ladies, as miners and occasional sex-slaves. Victimized by the Amazons, the inhabitants of a village, including the loyal female villagers, decide to fight back and hire a bunch of robbers to teach them how to instruct them in warfare.

The acting in this movie is awful, except for Benito Stefanelli, a good actor, whom fans of Spaghetti Westerns should know, and who only has a small role in this, and Riccardo Pizzuti, who is usually seen getting beat up by Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill. The supporting actors are especially bad, on guy, for example, asks a lady if she would marry him, but looks into a totally different direction. The Amazon "Tribe" consists of maybe 30 women, most of whom are terrible actresses, but at least they're pretty hot and lovely to look at in their mini-armor. However, it looks like some of these actresses were replaced by male (!) stuntmen in the battle sequences. The movie is also terribly written, and the dialogue makes it an unintentional comedy.

Apart from its many weaknesses, "Battle Of The Amazons" is quite enjoyable if you're a B-Movie fan like myself. As mandatory for an exploitation flick like this, there's a lot of sex and violence in it, people are mutilated and speared, limbs are chopped off and the viewer is entertained with battles, whippings, gore, sex orgies and bared breasts. Another quality of "Battle Of The Amazons" is the (unintentional) fun factor.

I agree that "Amazzoni - Donne D'Amore E Di Guerra" is a bad and cheaply made movie, but nevertheless I find it very entertaining. A fan of B-movies shouldn't miss it.

Starts out well, ends up disappointing

This is basically yet another variation on the "Magnificent Seven" theme, only here we have (not 7 but) 4 people coming to protect a village and teach the villagers how to defend themselves (not against Mexican bandits but) against an aggressive army of Amazons. The film begins rather well: the grungy, dirty look, the stunts, the Amazons' mean-spiritedness, they all have an air of authenticity. But most of the action sequences occur at night, and it's often hard to see what's going on. And the biggest disappointment of all, during the big climactic battle nearly all the Amazons have their faces covered by white masks, apparently to camouflage the fact that they have been replaced by male stuntmen. Blech. At the end, there is a fierce swordfight between the bravest woman in the village (well played by the profoundly beautiful Paola Tedesco) and the Amazon Queen, but it's a case of "too little, too late". (**)

Alfonso Brescia's Italian Amazon trash epic

An extremely bad movie about warrior women which still manages to entertain from the sheer absurdity of it all. That, and a couple of the fight scenes are pretty good too, especially the huge, long-expected battle at the end which very nearly lives up to expectations. Sure, a lot of Italian cinema is stylish, magnificent stuff, but they also made their fair share of clunkers. Alfonso Brescia's movie is hindered by exceptionally bad dubbing, acting, photography, choreography, lack of script, you name's a wonder that this film is watchable at all.

Things begin horribly with a really cheesy scene of a man and a woman riding towards each other on horseback in slow motion. What follows is a story involving capture, escape, torture, and eventually betrayal and warfare. This is bad stuff through and through, and bad movie fans will no doubt get a kick out of watching it. The best thing that I can say is that there's a lot of action, so it never becomes too boring. Sadly the majority of the action scenes take place in the dark, so it's impossible to see what's going on. Copious use of day-for-night filming also makes this film look very poor. Forget about any luscious woodland locations - it looks like this film was shot in a copse somewhere, and picturesque is far from the word to describe this disappointing, dirty-looking locale.

The music is cheesy and horrible, the acting highly amateurish from most of the cast, with only one or two of the leads showing any professionalism whatsoever. Lincoln Tate is okay as the hero, and Lucretia Love (impossible to believe that this is her real name) as the heroine, but that's about it. The dubbing is highly amusing and over the top as usual, packed with funny lines like "murdering bunch of bitches". The Amazons' battle cry sounds like "hahohi-i-i-i-i-i!!" and is really cheesy! Despite being a film about strong, powerful women this still manages to be extremely sexist, with one scene involving a lady almost being raped incredibly played for laughs! As I mentioned, the action scenes are all right and worth watching, especially the huge battle at the end which is where all the budget apparently went. There's a definite martial arts influence with lots of flying kicks, headbutts and punches going on. The gore is minimal but there are a few cool scenes of people being repeatedly speared and stabbed. Most incredibly of all, though, are the many mistakes which are easy to spot while watching. For instance, actresses change parts in one scene, noticeably by their hair colour changing! Also, in the film's major battle at the end, it's pretty obvious that the Amazons are actually played by men. Three factors give it away; a) they wear masks to disguise their faces all of a sudden, b) they're muscular, and c) they've got hairy arms and legs. It makes for very surreal entertainment, that's for sure. Although a terrible film in most respects, BEAUTY OF THE BARBARIAN is a forgotten epic to be sought out by bad-film connoisseurs...if they can be bothered.


This film could have been better, but if you are willing to overlook it's many flaws then it's not unbearable. The amazons being depicted as villains was pretty much the norm prior to Xena. I like inter-gender fights to the death as much as any guy but please, PLEASE have the women involved actually be women. Most of the fighting involved male stunt doubles wearing masks and bad wigs, as well as being photographed from behind using a blue filter to suggest nighttime or dusk (note all of the sharp shadows during "night" sequences).The fights where women actually were used were badly choreographed. The male actors acted as if they were holding back, and the women acted like they were afraid to break a nail. And what was with all of the hidden springboards?

However the worst aspect of the film was the groan-inducing dialogue. As was typical of many films from the 70's everyone seemed to be trying to sound biblical. All in all, an OK but cheesy film.

I think it was filmed through a layer of mud

Warning: Spoilers

I watched Battle of the Amazons only a few hours ago and I'm already having problems remembering many of the particulars about the movie. It wasn't necessarily as bad as some of the other movies I watch, just unmemorable. You'd think a movie about a band of Amazon warriors that raids a town to kidnap young men for sex slaves would standout more than that. But that's apparently not the case.

The movie follows the same plot line we've all seen any number of times. The Amazons raid a small village. Those left in the village fear the Amazons will be back. The villagers hire a band of outlaws to train them to fight. Of course it all leads to a climatic brawl where the villagers come out on top and, in the end, the outlaws redeem themselves and decide to stay on. Can anyone tell me where they've seen this before? Magnificent Seven maybe? How about Seven Samurai? As I indicated, it's been done to death.

Battle of the Amazons is a dreary looking affair. It's almost as if the director decided to film the movie through a layer of mud. The acting is generally abysmal. The lone exception is Lucretia Love (Is that a cool name or what?) who I've begun to notice recently in a few movies. By the way, I got a kick out of the fact that Love's character, Eraglia, was the only Amazon that brought back a female when they raided the village. The final fight scene is pretty much a letdown. I also found it humorous that the Amazons don masks for their climatic battle. This was done so that the females could be replaced by men in wigs. Did they think no one would notice that the shapely Amazons suddenly turned into beefy men? One highlight from Battle of the Amazons for me was the score. Although it would have been more at home in a Spaghetti Western, the music was quite nice.


Warning: Spoilers

Coming ten years after the heyday of the sword and sandal epics, Battle of the Amazons adds two ingredients to the well established recipe: bared breasts and a modicum of bloodshed. Otherwise, this is a standard if watchable effort, unimaginatively directed by Alfonso Brescia and burdened by the obvious use of male stunt actors in the place of women during the climatic battle sequence. Produced at the height of the Women's Liberation movement, Battle of the Amazons is a call to arms for men (and their loyal wives) threatened by feminism. Eurovista's DVD utilizes a reasonably worn English language print but is thankfully in widescreen format, and extras include a very worn, full frame theatrical trailer and a TV teaser in much better condition.

Poorly produced and miserably directed film

In the past numerous films relating to either mythological or scientifically fictional themes have been successfully produced to offer audiences entertainment, amusement, and an opportunity to momentarily escape from daily reality. No matter how scientifically false, or mythologically amusing a film's premise may be, viewers have always discovered hours of relaxation associated with a fine production. Sadly, however, this is not the case with Amazzoni: donne d'amore e di guerra. An actor's (or actress's) ability to act obviously appeared to be a rather low priority with this film. Therefore, actors "acted" as though a primary school instructor held them at bay with a ruler until each child recited his lines for the following day's school play. Furthermore, it was intolerably obvious to those of us who managed to sit somewhat patiently until the conclusion of this film that numerous women's roles (i.e. those parts demanding feats of strength or masculine agility) were most apparently played by men; in other words, little time, thought, and effort were given for the proper and realistic disguise of men (assuming the parts of Amazons) to have them appear somewhat like women. Thirdly, a poorly conceived storyline seemed to have been concocted only to serve as an excuse for provocatively-clad, physically well-built, attractive women to appear on the wide screen. (Yet, I suppose if the acting had been a bit more plausible, and a director interested more in directing than in "misdirecting" had been employed, the plot of this miserably produced film may have actually become more comprehensible and possibly even appreciated.) On a scale of one to ten I gave this film a three merely because certain battle scenes appeared to have some degree of plausibility. Otherwise, I believe most of us might possibly prefer the childish acting of a primary school play; at least children in the elementary school grades are expected to act childish. Childish , horrendous acting on the part of actors (and actresses) in this film is inexcuable.

Amazonian Blobstrop Attack!

Craptastic madness that brings the swords and sandals genre into the seventies (i.e just the same only with more nudity and gore) and adds a slightly feminist angle. That's feminist in an Italian sense, where a bunch of strong willed, independent women oppress a bunch of weak willed men, only mostly with their boobs hanging out and some of them being lesbians and what not.

These amazons are being a pain in the arse to all and sundry, and first we see them a bunch of then have captured hunky bandit Zeno making out with one of their own. After cutting off one of their arms, he gets himself enslaved with the added bonus of having to watch his girl get impaled on some spikes during one of the amazonians demented rituals. It's not a surprise that first chance he gets, he throws a scorpion down the back of an amazon's neck and legs it. After nearly dying in the forest, he's saved by a strong headed but fairly conservative village girl whose village is constantly being invaded by these blobstrop-suffering murder-junkies. Of course, Zeno gets roped into teaching the villagers how to fight back, but not before all his mates sexually harass and nearly rape the village girl. Feminism indeed!

These villagers are barely worth saving to be honest. A few of them, including a guy who thinks he's going to marry village girl, don't want to fight the amazons and just want to hide every time they come rolling through the village with their hilarious war cry. They even get the chief of the tribe killed when he tries this approach. Others, mainly women, want to get stuck in and fight back, but even one of them is a planted traitor! Zeno would be better off just heading for the hills and forgetting about it to be honest, but then he has a naked horseback ride with the village girl, in slow motion, and that changes all that.

Even with all the fake sex, amazon murder sprees and subsequent orgies with non-murdered new slaves, endless scenes of training and treachery, the main part of the film is the actual battle. Now, there's some sort of premise about a god the amazons worship that causes them to don masks while heading into battle, but seriously, this is just a ploy to cover for the fact that during the big battle, the amazons are all played by stuntmen! Add to this insanity (they don't even pad the men out) the bonus of everyone jumping at each other from hidden trampolines and screaming in a bizarre voice and you can't help but enjoy it. Well, I did anyway. I'm not sure Julie Burchill would.

Alfonso also stuffs the film full of stupid dialogue just to fill the atmosphere with more crapness. I wonder why they bothered having Frank Bana there? He just kind of stood around.

The Usual Nonsense

Warning: Spoilers

'Battle of the Amazons' is obviously derived from 'Seven Samurai', with a spaghetti western score. Talk being cheaper than action, the film sadly devotes far more time to the hapless farmers debating what they're going to do than to the Amazons themselves doing what Amazons do. (In the case of Lucretia Love as Eraglia, blonde sidekick to Genie Woods' Queen Antiope - both with their hair tied back in severe buns like ballerinas - this includes - in a rare bit of wit - snaffling for herself a pretty girl when all the other Amazons are heading home with the village's young men to use as breeding stock.) In readiness for a return engagement, four passing ruffians are persuaded to show the men how to handle swords; while in the final battle all the women suddenly show a skill with crossbows that would have ended the film several reels earlier had their aim been that good when the Amazons had staged their original horseback raid on the village.

The biggest single disappointment of the film - as most of the previous reviewers on this board have already commented - is the long-awaited Battle of the Amazons itself; set at night and filmed mainly in long shot with the Amazons all wearing masks to camouflage the fact that most of the combatants are stunt men rather than women.