SassyFlix | Beach Balls

Beach Balls

  • R
  • 1988-05-01
  • 01:17:00
4/ 10
5 votes


This throwback to the prehistoric Frankie-and-Annette beach party movies of the 1960s is spiced up with the usual contemporary nudity. Summertime beachfront antics include hapless hero Paley pursuing dreamgirl Helmer, while Paley's older sister, Danon, pines for Helmer's brother, lifeguard Bryant. Complete with a group of hoodlums patterned after the infamous Erich von Zipper and bad rock 'n' roll provided by Douglas R. Starr, this independent effort was picked up by Roger Corman's Concorde Pictures for a fleeting theatrical run and then turned up on home video a few weeks later.