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Beast of Blood

  • PG
  • 1970-05-06
  • 01:31:00
4/ 10
513 votes

Adventure, Horror



The plot of this film picks up where The Mad Doctor of Blood Island leaves off. Upon leaving Blood Island, the ship carrying Dr. Bill Foster (John Ashley), Sheila Willard, her father and Carlos Lopez explodes and sinks after mutated "chlorophyll creature" Don Ramon Lopez (the titular "Beast") is found secreted on board and goes on a rampage, destroying the ship. The monstrous Don Ramon washes up back on Blood Island and heads into the jungle. Dr. Foster is the only other survivor, and after a few months recovering in a hospital, he heads back to Blood Island on another ship. On board is reporter Myra Russell (Celeste Yarnall), who is investigating the explosion of the ship.

When Foster and Russell arrive on the island, they find the natives in a state of fear, believing that the old Lopez mansion is cursed. With the village headman Ramu (Alfonso Carvajal) and the ship's captain (played by co-producer Beverly Miller), they search the house and find Razak (Bruno Punzalan) alive. The "green men" return and after a fight, Myra is captured and taken to the evil Dr. Lorca (Eddie Garcia), who is still alive, but horribly scarred from his seeming demise in the earlier film.

Dr. Foster and Laida (Liza Belmonte) search the mountains and find Dr. Lorca's hidden lab. Laida goes back to the village for help and Lorca shows Foster his latest experiments. He has removed Don Ramon's head and has attached it to machines, while the decapitated body remains strapped to a table. Lorca knows the head can speak, but it refuses to say anything.

The captain, Laida and Ramu lead an attack on Lorca's headquarters and fight with his men. Laida finds her father, who shows signs of the chlorophyll poisoning, and rescues him. Foster shoots Razak. Don Ramon's head controls his body from afar and wills it to attack and apparently kill Dr. Lorca, crushing his head with a piece of machinery. Lorca's lab explodes, killing all inside, and Foster and the group leave with a box of Dr. Lorca's papers and notes.