SassyFlix | Behind The Sins 1: Danni Spivey

Behind The Sins 1: Danni Spivey


Amateur Latina model Danni Spivey wants to experience the challenge and excitement of being in the fetish business and arrives for her appointment with New York casting director M.R. Stewart. After interviewing her she poses in a variety of shots revealing bra and pantyhose and then follows up by changing into sexy black garter belt and stockings. She then allows herself to be totally subjugated in bondage by Stewart. Tied, suspended, spanked, groped and paddled she experiences orgasmic delight in ways never attempted before. This is the first footage she has ever shot and the edited version used for her Bondage Audition starts the presentation off. A second video camera with still photo capability was recording at the same time. What you will be seeing in the next sequence is the raw unedited footage and frozen images shot that day. This is the behind the scenes version of that session. It has NEVER been released to the public. She ends the shoot spent and exhausted, unsure whether or not she will ever return for another shot at stardom. Although initially reluctant to show too much bare skin during her first audition, Danni has a change of heart and contacts M.R. Stewart to book a second shoot. This production will require far less modesty from her and she is put through the paces in a highly revealing session. What you get to see is the raw point-of-view video she agreed to participate in. This is from M.R. Stewart’s private collection complete with direction and outtakes. It has never been made available to an audience prior to this. The results are eye opening and definitely worth the wait. She talks naughtily to the camera and shows her bare feet, exposes her naked breasts and fondles them while sucking her big nipples. Skimpy panties soon end up on the floor and she pleasures herself hungrily despite her embarrassment. This is what fans had always wanted to see of Danni and she eagerly obliges in her one and only solo performance.