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Below the Belt


Sexploitation vet John Tull stars as Sammy Beal, a less-than-scrupulous boxing manager whose current protégé is virginal country boy Johnny. Johnny's rough-hewn skill at the sweet science catches the eye of cigar-chomping mobster Louie Gardino Frank Finklehoffer, who dispatches comely B-girl Lisa to distract him from his training. The naïve puglist naturally falls for her voluptuous charms, but trouble rears its head when he catches her in a bedroom tussle with Sammy.


Pretty standard soft-core sexploitation fare

Warning: Spoilers

Naive boxer Johnny (amiable lunkhead Steve Hodge) gets ruthlessly pushed around by his greedy and mean-spirited manager Sammy Beal (essayed with suitably slimy aplomb by John Tull), who in turn is having problems with nefarious mobster Louie (a nicely sleazy Fred Finkleloffe). Veteran trash skinflick director Bethal Buckalew relates the sordid story at a plodding pace, but fortunately crams this schlock with more than enough gratuitous nudity and sizzling soft-core sex to make this junk a perfectly agreeable diversion. The exquisitely busty'n'lusty Uschi Digard steams up the screen by engaging in scorching hot raunchy sex with Sammy in a swimming pool. The ever-adorable Rene Bond likewise heats things up as a lovely hooker Sammy first terrorizes before doing just what you think with. Leggy and statuesque brunette knockout Mirka Madnadrazsky as the enticing Lisa may not be much of an actress, but she sure looks mighty tasty in the buff. The bluesy theme song provides a solid belly laugh. Ditto the surprise downbeat ending. The acting ain't much, although the always reliable George "Buck" Flower contributes a typically funny and robust turn as affably rundown and stuttering past-his-prime trainer Benny Bravo. Overall nothing special, but reasonably enjoyable fare for fans of this type of undemanding drive-in swill.

an adult movie about boxing that's down for the count

Warning: Spoilers

SPOILER ALERT! The manager of the boxer in this movie is a first class jerk. In fact, he's such an a**hole that you want him to get pummeled to death long before the climax.

Of course, the boxer in this movie is extremely naive so maybe he kind of deserved to be taken advantage of.

The only good thing about this movie is Uschi Digard whose brief opening appearance and seduction by the boxer's manager by a swimming pool is the only worthwhile scene in the entire movie. Uschi, as always, and in all of her movies, is hot and looks absolutely gorgeous! Actually you kind of wish that Uschi winds up with the boxer at the end but what actually happens to the boxer at the end remains kind of up in the air. I guess the filmmakers wanted to leave that up to the audience's imagination.

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