SassyFlix | Beyond Dream's Door

Beyond Dream's Door

  • NR
  • 1989-01-01
  • 01:20:00
7/ 10
5 votes

Drama, Fantasy, Horror

Ben Dobbs has been having bad dreams as of late – unusual nightmares that are cyclical, blinkered, and unexplainable. The funny thing is, they are the first ones he's had since he was a kid. Hoping to seek some answers into what they mean, Ben hopes his psychology teacher, Prof. Noxx, can provide some insight. After reading what Ben has written, however, Noxx vanishes. As the dreams grow worse, Dobbs next seeks the support of teaching assistants Eric Baxter and Julie Oxel. Suddenly, they too find themselves trapped in Ben's lethal fantasy world, a place where forgotten visions seek their revenge and demonic forces feed off the living. Ben believes that if he can stop the evil, he will free the others. But this supernatural entity is crafty, using hallucinations and tricks to keep everyone off balance, and primed for killing. It's like the line from a poem playing in Ben's head says – Beyond Dream's Door is where horror lies. In this case, it's a shockingly true sentiment.