SassyFlix | Bigfoot


  • PG
  • 1970-10-21
  • 01:24:00
3/ 10
15 votes

Fast-talking Jasper B. Hawks drives through the forest in his car, along with his sidekick Elmer Briggs. At the same time, pilot Joi Landis pilots a single engine aircraft over the same area. Joi's engine conks out, and she is forced to parachute to safety. On the ground, she suddenly encounters a Bigfoot creature that emerges from the woods and attacks her.

Laconic biker Rick rolls into the woods with his girlfriend Chris. She stumbles onto a Bigfoot burial ground and is also attacked by a Bigfoot.

A skeptical Sheriff's department and the ranger's station are notified of the women's disappearance, but to no avail; the authorities make a half-hearted search for the missing women and give up. Rick seeks help elsewhere, but only Jasper B. Hawks believes his story, offering aid only because he plans on capturing a Bigfoot for later live exhibition in a freak show financed by an insane professor of biology, Professor Blackthorne.

Meanwhile, Peggy is also attacked and tied up to a tree next to Joi. The Bigfoot creatures, it turns out, are the offspring of a larger, 12-foot tall male Bigfoot and have only been guarding the woman for him. "Dad" Bigfoot finally shows up and fights a big bear menacing the captured women, while they scream in terror.

Jasper, Elmer, and Rick trek through the woods until they reach the Bigfoot lair. "Dad" Bigfoot is gassed by Rick's bikers, and as planned gets put on display in Jasper's previously mentioned freak show. As it turns out, he is able to escape captivity rather quickly, while in the process stepping on local drunk, "Lucky Bob", killing him. "Dad" Bigfoot goes on a rampage through the town before finally returning to his cave. There, he eventually gets blown up by one of Rick's dynamite-wielding bikers.

His freak show prize now lost to him, Jasper paraphrases a line of dialog from the original King Kong (1933): "It was beauty that did him in". With "Dad" Bigfoot now dead, everybody returns to their normal lives.