SassyFlix | Blindman


  • R
  • 1971-11-15
  • 01:45:00
6/ 10
20 votes

Action, Exploitation, Western

Blindman is a blind gunfighter who rides a seeing-eye horse, Boss. He is contracted to provide safe transport for fifty European mail-order brides - who have asked miners in Lost Creek, Texas, for their hands in marriage - for $50,000, but his business partner, Skunk, betrays him by allowing Domingo, a Mexican bandit, to kidnap the women for his own purposes.

Blindman heads into Mexico in pursuit, where he discovers that Domingo and his sister, Sweet Mama, are using the women as a lure for an Army General who they intend to hold for ransom alongside the brides. With the aid of Pilar, the unwitting object of Domingo's brother Candy's affections, "El General", Boss and many, many sticks of dynamite, our anti-hero stops at nothing to get even with Domingo and his siblings and deliver on his contract.