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Young Al Capone (Ben Gazzara) catches the eye of Johnny Torrio (Harry Guardino), a criminal visiting New York from Chicago. Torrio invites Capone to move to Illinois to help run his Prohibition-era alcohol sales operation. Capone rises through the ranks of Torrio's gang and eventually takes over. On top, he works to consolidate his power by eliminating his enemies, fixing elections to his advantage and getting rich. In his spare time, Capone courts the principled Iris Crawford (Susan Blakely).


One Of The Greatest Mob Movies Ever!!!!!!

"Capone" is an excellent gangster movie! Ben Gazzara plays the best Al Capone I have ever seen! Actors such as Robert De Niro, Rod Steiger, Jason Robards and even Eric Roberts (hee hee) have played Al Capone but none of them can come near the accuracy and brilliance of Ben Gazzara's Al Capone. This movie was bashed by most critics, who said that this was an "exploited" version of the Capone story and that it was too violent and too brutal. Well, wasn't Al Capone himself a violent and brutal man? He was far from being a "saint" I guarantee that. The cast is fantastic; Sylvester Stallone (in one of his first roles); John Cassavettes who is always terrific; and Harry Guardino - a name you may not recognize but whose face you've seen in many movies. So how can you go wrong? You can't! "Capone" wasn't a made-for-tv movie that omits violence and profanity...something a true mob movie MUST have. It was a movie that was released in theatres. It had a poster (I have the original one sheet) and a MPAA rating of "R - Restricted." It has a reasonable length (101 mins.) and a wonderful story that could be told by great actors in a realistic way - without having to worry about the rules of television. It is also the only Al Capone movie to explicitly show Capone himself going insane because of Syphilis. Unfortunately, this marvelous movie is out of print and hard to find so see it if you can. You'll never see a better Capone movie....I guarantee it!

Quite Entertaining B Movie

Despite giving Sly Stallone second billing (after Ben Gazzara) and a nice big picture on my DVD cover, he is not a lead actor in this movie.

Ben Gazzara, Harry Guardino, Susan Blackeney (Yes that Susan Blackeney from "Lords Of Flatbush") are all listed before Sly who is listed under "Starring" with three other actors. Sly doesn't even appear until thirty one minutes in to it, and he doesn't speak a line of dialogue until ten minutes later, his part does grow as the movie enters its second half.

Plot In A Paragraph; Set over several years, this is the story of Al Capone's rise and fall in the gangster underworld.

Gazzara over acts and hams it up a lot. It's almost as if he thinks he is appearing in a spoof Capone movie. Harry Guardino is great as Johnny Torrio, as is Susan Blakely, I think her open crotch shot, must be the first one for a leading actress in a mainstream Hollywood film. Martivn Kove is very good in his supporting role. Dick Miller has an enjoyable small role as a cop on the take too. Following on from his first good role in 'Flatbush' the previous year, Sly under plays it as Frank Nitti and continues his early career with another steady supporting role.

Nobody can fault Capone for its effort. It covers several decades (taking several liberties with the truth along the way) in a short running time, but it's campy B movie quality all the way, as it rushes through a lot of gangster activity.

It's never dull and is quite entertaining in a trashy low budget way.

Ben Gazzara shines as Al Capone

Warning: Spoilers

This movie tells the story of gangster Al Capone.The director of Capone (1975) is Steve Carver.The producer of the movie is Roger Corman.The role of Al Capone is played by Ben Gazzara.One week ago we sadly lost this terrific actor to cancer at the age of 81.He will be missed.Harry Guardino is brilliant as Johnny Torrio.Susan Blakely is a real foxy lady and he does a wonderful job as Iris Crawford.Sylvester Stallone is seen here before his Rocky success playing Frank Nitti, and he does a really great job.John Cassavetes is excellent as Frankie Yale.Dick Miller is marvelous as Joe Pryor.This movie has got a lot of good stuff.There's one terrific car chase scene.It's a heartbreaking scene where Iris is shot to death and Al mourns next to her dead body.And the fall of a big man in the end is really touching to watch.Sure this biographical movie tells a fictionalized story of Capone being inspired by the real events.But it's all OK, since the story is so well told.