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Come Spy with Me


U.S. Intelligence assigns Jill Parsons to investigate the mysterious deaths of two secret agents in the Caribbean. The agency fears that the deaths may indicate danger to a meeting of foreign ministers scheduled to be held aboard an aircraft carrier in the area. Jill infiltrates a local skin-diving competition to be held off a charter boat belonging to young Pete Barker. Meanwhile, the activities of the skin-divers are being carefully observed by enemy agent Walter Ludeker, who has been laying highly explosive equipment across the ocean beds. In an attempt to learn if a U. S. agent is among the divers, he persuades his nephew Larry to enter the competition. Though another woman, Samantha, is wrongly suspected and kidnapped, Ludeker later realizes that it is Jill he wants, and he abducts her also.


Just Not That Memorable...Well, The Movie, Anyway...

When CBS used to show late movies years and years ago, I remember staying up to watch this. There's only about two things I really recall: that Troy Donahue was in it, and that the theme song, performed by Smokey Robinson and the Miracles (!) was at least halfway decent. So the previous reviewer certainly can't be blamed for not remembering the song or the lyrics (which rhymed "spy with me" and "variety".) Like many of the Bond knockoffs of the day, the song was about the only thing the audience was even meant to remember, if that. I just recall that the single was a much bigger hit than the movie ever was. So if you happen to stumble across it on cable, it's more of a curiosity piece than a "must-see."

It's just Andrea!

Well, there's only one reason (two, if you want to be funny) to see this movie and that's Andrea Dromm. She became a "star" because of a commercial and she made this, the first Star Trek pilot and THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING THE RUSSIANS ARE COMING. This movie is the least of her works. It's been more than forty years since I saw this in a theater and I don't remember anything of the plot. I'm reasonably sure that Andrea spends a lot of time in a bikini. If that's not reason to watch, I don't know what is. At the end, the guy want to become a spy, too. If you met a spy like her, you'd join up immediately. From what I do remember, the movie was pretty silly.

But there's always Andrea!

A "Thunderball" Wannabe

This is a film I saw as a child at a local matinée. It was supposed to be like a "James Bond" movie so I eagerly went expecting an action packed two hours. What I ended up seeing (even as a child I realized it was a really bad movie) was a film that was entirely derivative of other spy films.

Troy Donahue, like so many pretty boys of the 60's, did not have the acting ability to pull off the kind of character the film was trying to create. Connery was Bond; Caine was Harry Palmer, and James Coburn was Derek Flint. They defined the roles. They were interesting and magnetic. The hero in this film is not even a faint echo of those great spy film characters.

The film was cheaply made with scuba scenes reminiscent of Thunderball. However, in one of the underwater fight scenes, the injured diver has his hand in his wet suit clearly pumping a plastic bottle full of stage blood that is then permeating the water. I watched thinking surely a mistake like this couldn't slip through any professional film editor--but it did.

If you can even find this film, don't waste your time--unless bad movies as humor is your gig. Oh, and I almost forgot. The theme song is catchy but and performed by Smokey Robinson, but with ridiculous lyrics: "Come spy with me, live a life of danger and of mystery! etc etc etc" Regardless, the film is truly bad!

A shadow of the other Bond knock-offs

I saw this as the first of a double bill with 'In Like Flint' as the main attraction in a second-run theater matinee.

Like the others my main interest was Andrea Dromm, who I had seen on Star Trek.

Besides Andrea, the only other memorable part of this film was the unique "shark-jaws" weapon, where the bad guys made their kills look like the result of a shark attack.

Unfortunately, that seemed to be the extent of the imagination of the creators of this film.

Since the next film on that double-bill was the vastly superior 'In Like Flint', I left the theater thinking of Jean Hale, not Andrea.

Troy Donahue

Troy Donahue was the biggest male star at Warner Bros with smash hits such A Summer Place, Parrish, Rome Adventure, Palm Springs Weekend etc. Trot worked with Claudette Colbert, Angie Dickinson, Connie Stevens(2), Suzanne Pleshette(2) (Mrs D), Ty Hardin, Diane McBain (2) William Reynolds, Sandra Dee Troy claimed JL Warner blackballed him from the Industry. Is this true?

Troy was signed onto this film originally titled "Red On Red" but was changed to Come Spy With Me trying to catch on with the James Bond craze. Technically this film is ok The leading lady Andrea Dromm lovely.

This film did noting to restore Troy to high stardom.


Come Spy with Me

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