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This classic blaxploitation film follows Sidney Lord Jones and his his gang’s quest to rob banks.

Early in her career, exploitation beauty Pam Grier also makes an appearance as Mona the prostitute.

“Sidney Lord Jones is the leader of the criminal group that gathered in Los Angeles to Rob a Bank. Their goal is to create their own Bank that would serve& black people. But for this you need a starting capital…”


Cool blaxploitation variant on The Asphalt Jungle

Warning: Spoilers

Shrewd criminal mastermind Sidley Lord James (smoothly played with charisma to burn by Thalmus Rasulala) gets paroled from prison. James concocts a bold scheme to steal three million worth of jewelry, but things go awry when human error encounters into the deal. Writer/director Barry Pollack relates the complex and compelling story at a quick pace, offers a flavorsome evocation of the gritty urban environment, brings an engaging hip sensibility to the already sound premise, and presents a neat rogues' gallery of colorful lowlife characters. The fine acting from the bang-up cast keeps this movie humming: Judy Pace as the sweet Obalese Eaton, Jim Watkins as bitter and down on his luck Vietnam veteran Travis Battle, Lincoln Kilpatrick as hard-nosed corrupt cop Lt. Brian Knowles, Sam Laws as jolly bookie Finian, Raymond St. Jacques as the slippery Bill Mercer, Stack Pierce as Mercer's shady partner Tinker, and Margaret Avery as the ditsy Lark. Pam Grier has a regrettably small part as a prostitute, but does at least bare her beautifully bountiful breasts. The amusing sense of cheeky humor and generous sprinkling of tasty female nudity rate as additional pluses. The heist is quite gripping and exciting. Kudos are also in order for Solomon Burke's funky chilling score and the polished cinematography by Andrew Davis. A nifty flick.

A Fairly Good "Blaxploitation Film"

Upon being released from San Quentin the first thing "Sidney Lord Jones" (Thalmus Rasululu) does is to head to Los Angeles with a plan that involves stealing $3 million in diamonds from a large brokerage there in the city. To do this he borrows $50,000 from a crime boss named "Bill Mercer" (Raymond St. Jacques) in order to hire three men to assist him with the heist. Unfortunately, things don't go as planned as one of the men is shot during the burglary and another is also shot when Mercer tries to double-cross Sidney and his crew. And then things go downhill from there. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this was a fairly good "Blaxploitation film" which had an interesting plot (even if it was apparently borrowed from "The Asphalt Jungle" some 22 years earlier) and some decent acting as well. Likewise, having an attractive actress like Judy Pace (as Sidney's girlfriend "Obalese Eaton") certainly didn't hurt either. In any case, those who enjoy films of this nature may want to check this one out and I have rated it accordingly. Slightly above average.