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The movie begins one thousand years from the present. After the Neutron Wars, the world was destroyed. It is now a post-apocalyptic world with cannibals and rogue mercenaries.

One city-state named Helix is preparing to declare war on the city-state of Tritan, using dirtbikes weaponized with lasers.

Instead of typical punishment like the death penalty or imprisonment, instead criminals play Death Sport which is a sort of gladiatorial game.

Kaz Oshay (David Carradine) is a guide/mercenary who has been captured by the evil Lord Zirpola (played by David McLean). He meets a female guide who was also captured, named Deneer (played by Claudia Jennings). He promises to help her escape and find her child who was captured by mutants.

Escaping, they battle their way through the Death Sport field and kill the participants, riding the Death Machines. They rescue Deneer’s child and then Kaz duels the man who killed his mother, Ankar Moor (Richard Lynch) with whistlers. These are plastic sword that make sounds when they are swung, obviously a ripoff of light sabers.

He defeats Ankar and he rides off to the horizon with Deneer.


Move over Star Wars

Deathsport has it all without the silly spaceships. Great sword fights, speeder bike chases, prison breaks, lasers plus alot of nudity. Claudia Jennings is one of the greatest actresses ever. I can't wait to see what future projects she has coming up.

a rare gem in the crown of deadly movies

A followup flick to Deathrace 2000,Deathsport is a wild thrilling ride.Very much underrated,and a cult classic for sure.You like deadly laser blasting dirt bikes?Futuristic noble knights of the apocalypse?Crystal sword fights?And a host of bad-guys dying ever few minutes?And an insane dictator with sadistic sexual tastes?If you find you like this movie or Deathrace 2000,check out Circle of Iron,another lost Carradine seventies classic that was scripted by Bruce Lee and stars Mr Carradine in four different roles.This ain't no academy award winning stuff,so don't expect a lot from a low budget sci fi opus.Just enjoy it for what it is,and tell all your friends.


This is one of those films where everything, and I mean everything, explodes. Which is a good thing. Also, this is the type of seventies film where, if you're of a certain age, you'll start feeling anxious about your mortality as every single lead actor here is dead. Sigh.

David Carradine and Claudia Jennings are range guides (whatever that is) in the post-apocalyptic future (which is my favourite kind of future). I don't know what a range guide is, but they sure do spend a lot of time spouting semi-philosophical crappenshite. Bottom line is they are a threat to a dictatorship and kidnapped and forced to partake in Deathsport.

Deathsport somehow means making subversive non-citizens go up against Death Machines, which to you and me are motorcycles. Before we get to see that we get to see Carradine and Jennings are prisoners of Lynch having their arses kicked an awful lot, but once Deathsport starts Carradine turns the table.

Mostly this film involves people riding motorcycles and things blowing up. Some full frontal nudity too within some weird disco set up where the boss of the evil folk can electrocute girls in the skud or something. I paid a pound for this and it was worth every penny.

I spent most of the film to be honest wondering what was up with Richard Lynch's skin. Now I've read that the poor guy set himself on fire in the sixties after taking LSD? Jesus.

Also, Jesus directed and starred in this.

The movie is ridiculous but the nudity is great

I saw "Deathsport" in the theater (Bellerose, NY) when I was fourteen years old. Last night was the first time I've seen it since. In all those years I never forgot this movie. It made a big impression on me. Sure I forgot the corny plot, dull motorcycle scenes, weak costumes and lame special effects. What I never forgot was the crazy room with those lights that they threw the naked ladies in. Seeing those scenes tonight they didn't disappoint.

solid B-movie

In a dystopian distant future, warriors called Range Guides protect people in the desert wastelands from mutant cannibals. Beside the wastelands lie the powerful city states. Lord Zirpola of the city state Helix has captured Range Guide Kaz Oshay (David Carradine). Next, he captures female Guide Deneer (Claudia Jennings) to pair up with Kaz in his Deathsport game. They are tormented by Ankar Moor.

This is a Roger Corman B-movie. It has a lot of B-movie cheese. Of course, Jennings is a Playboy Playmate. The Deathsport is basically motocross bikes with lasers. They spent a bit of money on explosions. They blow up a few bikes and does one fire walk. Overall, it's a solid B-movie.

Mediocre 70s Sci-Fi Drama.

Deathsport, was the sequel to Deathrace 2000. It stars David Carradine, and the late Claudia Jennings. Science fiction films were enjoying a resurgence in the late 70s, after virtually disappearing from the silver-screen, earlier in the decade. This was no doubt, due to the phenomenal box-office success of Star Wars.

This film has lots of flashy special effects, noble heroes (Jennings and Carradine), sinister villains, high-tech weaponry, fast futuristic vehicles, etc., etc., etc. Only Deathsport is a film that takes place right here on Earth, rather than in outer space. So, that's mainly what differentiates it from the traditional science fiction movie.

The dialog in Deathsport is excessively lofty, and winds-up being laughable as a result. You just can't take it seriously. It's a pity that both Carradine and Jennings, are stuck having to recite such hokey lines. The two of them, are what really holds this otherwise mediocre film together. Both Jennings and Carradine have a good chemistry between them, and are well-matched in their acting abilities.

The performances of Claudia Jennings and David Carradine, are the only reason to see Deathsport. Otherwise it's a humorless, boring movie, and not worth your time.

A classic '70's schlock-fest

A thousand years in the future, in a little bubble of the 1970's, deadly efficient Ranger-Guides led by iconic (and doomed) schlock-thesps David Carradine and Claudia Jennings (both armed with Lucite lite-sabers) evade a renegade and his of army 'Death machine' riders, battle mutants that look like homeless Marty Feldmans, and spend a lot of time running around a post-apocalyptic Bronson Canyon. The film is dreadful at many levels, something that, in retrospect, many of the principals seem to agree on. Deathsport, as portrayed in the film, seems to be a cross between motocross and paintball (but with lasers), and makes about as much sense as Quidditch but fortunately, despite the title, 'the deathsport' per se has little to do with the film. The dreaded 'death machines' are small Yamaha dirt bikes with large, awkward-looking aluminum fairings that sound like TIE fighters (the film postdates Star Wars and it shows) when going through tunnels. The cast, led by Jennings (1970 Playboy Playmate of the Year, who spends an appropriate amount of time naked), and Carradine (who wears a breechclout for a while) are uniformly terrible (admittedly, the script doesn't give them much to work with), verging on amateur (especially Will Walker, who looks like he escaped from a '70's San Fernando Valley porn studio). The story, such as it is, makes little sense and is essentially an excuse for a long, drawn-out and boring chase that leads to one of the worst 'climatic duels' I have ever seen. Really awful but, as Roger Corman was involved, the movie made money, so all in all, a happy ending (unlike the real-life endings of Jennings and Carradine). The only good parts of the opus are some imaginative matte-paintings and the pyrotechnics - things seem to explode for no reason and the crew (supposedly stoned much of the time) must have had a lot of fun blowing stuff up. Watchable only as campy retro-trash - but that's not necessarily a bad thing.