SassyFlix | Devil Rider!

Devil Rider!

  • R
  • 1970-01-01
  • 01:15:00
4/ 10
63 votes

Action, Drama

Young Kathy Holiday goes missing and her father sends a P.I. to track her down in South Florida’s sleazy streets. Her older sister, Penny, had disappeared there some years before on her 18th birthday. Both girls run astray of lowlife bikers. Penny is gang raped and tricked out into prostitution. Lucky for Kathy and the P.I. that her ex-beau is a karate-chopping superstar or who knows how things would turn out?

“Penny. It takes hundred to make a dollar. But a hundred dollars can’t make Penny.”

Centered in the film is Penny’s interview with the detective, recalling her boozy life and her societal downfall. Penny, played by Janice Kerr, is awesome with some camped up dialogue delivered with almost Dreamlander emphasis.

“Down here the word is 'hooker', spelled W-H-O-R-E”

The film’s core and greatest strength is Penny and her story. Camp, but compelling, the Penny sequence shifts the film from its more meager qualities.