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Devil's Three


When drug lord Lucifer Devlin's own men kidnap his daughter and hold her for ransom, he's forced to call his arch nemesis, high-kicking Interpol agent Cleopatra Wong. Wong, with the help of a flamboyantly gay kung fu master and a 300 lb. psychic wonder named "Rotunda", kicks mucho butt, blows stuff up and kicks more butt.


This sequel to Cleopatra Wong may not be as crazy with all out action movie brawls and crossbows and nuns and guns but it's pretty fucking ridiculous in its own way.

Marrie Lee returns as Cleopatra Wong and she's joined by Franco Guerrero who would go on to star in another Suarez masterpiece a few years later, The One-Armed Executioner. Guerero is a criminal who's daughter is kidnapped by other criminals in a crazy power play for the top dog spot in the organization. Guerero is forced to ask Cleo Wong for help, the secret agent who's been after him for years. So what does Cleo do next? She puts together a rag tag crew to go take on the organized crime syndicate and find his daughter. The rag tag group of good guys includes Cleo Wong, a fabulously flamboyant gay ex-cop, and a 400 pound woman with clairvoyant abilities.

If you were thinking that this must be a comedy with a group of main characters like that, you're absolutely right but the comedy doesn't come off as mean spirited at all. Even when the big woman slams through a brick wall like the Kool Aid guy it didn't feel mean and I think that's because even though we laugh at these characters they are also given every opportunity to show that they kick ass and are entirely capable of getting shit done. That struck the perfect balance as far as I was concerned.

The movie's got some good fight scenes and some wacky action but it's the comedy you'll remember.

Broad action comedy for the whole family....well, not quite

This is a throwback to a more innocent era / type of action movies, where the bad guys are loud and moronic, guns are rarely used, and the action is mixed with lots of broad slapstick. In fact, this would be perfect kids' fare in the Bud Spencer - Terence Hill tradition, except that I'm not sure how most parents would feel about the heroine's flamboyantly gay sidekick! It's hard to say if the portrayal of this character is regressive or progressive: on one hand, he is a ridiculous (yet sometimes funny) comic caricature of a gay man; on the other hand, he is a highly competent martial artist who has no problem handling multiple opponents on his own. Cleopatra Wong's other sidekick is an overweight female psychic, who is used mostly for comic relief (she gobbles up anything in sight!), but she has her uses too: prediction powers and enough strength to lift up a car. As for Cleopatra herself, the super-cute Marrie Lee is no Bruce Lee, or even Moon Lee, but she is still the best thing in the movie, and I appreciate how her fight scenes are shot from just the right distance to let you see that she's doing practically all the fighting herself. Good work, Cleo. **1/2 out of 4.

A bizarre reimagining of Charlie's Angels.

This low budget movie has bad cinematography and bad dubbing, but the characters and story are just goofy enough to keep it kind of interesting.