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Dr. Caligari


This is simply one of the strangest films ever made. Directed by Stephen Sayadian, the man that gave you the Sci-Fi Porn Thriller, "Cafe Flesh", "Dr. Caligari" is one of the 80's cult films that is *so* strange, *so* bizarre, that it defies ordinary description. More Mondo than "Forbidden Zone", more inexplicable than "Eraserhead", more indescribable than "Invocation of my Demon Brother", it's a psychotic psychodrama romp semi-sequel to "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari"; it seems Dr. Caligari's grand-daughter has opened her own asylum for the sexually maladjusted, and is experimenting on her patients. Words cannot do this film justice.

FROM THE CREATORS OF “Cafe Flesh“ AND “NIGHTDREAMS” (adult films) comes …  Undoubtedly talented, but delusional fantasy author, who was filming before esthetic porn, tells about a psychiatric hospital, which is headed by the granddaughter of the famous Caligari (a character from the movie of German expressionists of the last century), where there are strange experiments to transplant the hypothalamus and thus change their sexual orientation.

Review: Perceive quite seriously or, worse, to seek common sense stylistic quirk Stephen Saadyana inspired by German expressionist masterpiece of the silent era, it does not make sense. This movie does not need a spectator love and does not purport to icon “Newspeak”. Made on a “not for us to make a movie because there’s money.” Done and thank God! “Dr. Caligari” is as inimitable, unique of its kind experiment, such as “” Liquid Sky “Zuckerman or the work of John Waters. Whether he is their uniqueness – is another question: there is no accounting for tastes.

The action develops in “Cerebrovascular – rectal institutions” (CIA), in which the doctor Caligari experimented transplant libido. This is the only unusual part of the plot. The rest – about unscrupulous scheme obsessive scientist whose practices are at odds with the conservative moral. And so can be treated, but no matter: the story – it recently. Chip in paint. In poisonous – gouache colors smeared diverse colors on wacky dialogue and farcical game of actors sinking into the abyss of Freudian symbols.

Saadyan artist went to his first and only the feature project, as a painter spitting on everything to painting to do. Actually a reference to the classic Wiener conditional and is only important for a director, because of the silent film with the image moved Caligari and Cesare somnambulistic (here, with the accent on the last syllable), but in a modified manner, thrown to the periphery. Original system of images is missing. Just a cliché. Only stamps. Conscious scheme. It’s tiring. Quickly adapt to the proposed psychedelic image, you begin to look for more, and nothing but the palette is not miscible and not expected. So be it. Every great movies, movies all need. From director of Party Doll A Go-Go (adult)!