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Edge of Sanity

  • R
  • 1989-04-14
  • 01:31:00
5/ 10
28 votes

Horror, Thriller

When a lab monkey knocks chemicals onto the drug that Henry Jekyll is experimenting with and he accidentally ingests the mix, it brings out another personality inside him. He rapidly becomes addicted to the drug and under its influence goes out into the night to slaughter prostitutes and indulge in sadomasochistic orgies.

Free-style adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel “Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde“. The director, like almost all his predecessors who turned to the well-known book of Stevenson, asked the same actor to double major role – and Anthony Perkins played what was required from him. The most curious, perhaps, that the pathological pervert in his interpretation was not only Jack Hyde, the murderer of prostitutes, but and Dr. Henry Jekyll, quite a respectable citizen of society.

Review of Edge of Sanity: Doctor Jekyl has everything: a loving wife, a huge house and a favorite job. He is considered as a genius in his scientific career, tarnished for a great success, but one day because of a failed experiment, he turns to Jack Hyde, a serial killer, brutally murdering prostitutes …

At the beginning two words about acting. Quite strange to see the brilliant Anthony Perkins (Destroyer) in a cheap horror movie. Perkins, however, is exactly what sets this film against the backdrop of thousands of similar pictures. Perkins coped with a new amplua. The acting game of the other cast leaves much to be desired.

The film Edge of Sanity revives the two things as I said before the acting game and a good soundtrack. Film is recommended to people who are interested in works of Anthony Perkins, the others should watch it too if they want.