SassyFlix | El Condor

El Condor

  • R
  • 1970-06-19
  • 01:42:00
6/ 10
15 votes

Action, Adventure, Drama, Western

On the premises of a hard labour prison camp, shackled prisoner Luke hears for the first time about the El Condor, the fabled Mexican stronghold in the middle of the desert, rumoured to contain Emperor Maximilian's mythical reserves in gold. Soon, Luke with eyes gleaming with desire, after escaping the camp, will partner up with the opportunistic, Apache-talking gold digger Jaroo with the intention to get his hands on the immense fortune, ignoring the fact that the impregnable fortress is guarded by General Chavez's loyal and virtually indestructible army. Under those circumstances, the two adventurous fortune seekers with the help of Jaroo's one hundred battle-seasoned Apaches will shortly need to devise a plan to infiltrate the fort, nevertheless, it is wise to know that only fools rush in.