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A KGB assassin infiltrates the American embassy in Beirut in an attempt to eliminate a Russian defector being protected by the CIA.


A pleasant enough movie. Some background in its making on location.

A pleasant enough diversion which somehow should have produced more wallop, considering all the name people in the cast. I was in that cast playing the part of Rylands, as Karl Held. I was greeted at the airport with the news that my role had been increased in size and importance. I wrongly assumed that they would boost my billing accordingly. They did not. My mistake. Had a great time working with the many well established names, and hanging out in Beirut and Syria. Top notch cinematographer, Raoul Coutard was on the job. He was a big help to all of us Background noise on the sound track necessitated looping entire performances in a London sound studio. Performances suffered in the process, perhaps not all that much, but they were negatively affected; although mine received a nice mention in the London Times. "Laid back and intelligent performance" in another review. Also, a tough row to hoe for many of us in the cast, was getting "the bug" despite our precautions of shunning the water and local cooking...the show must go on. In the end, though, all that counts is what's on the screen. Yes, it should have been better, but,in my opinion,it was hardly a disaster.


This movie has some very special moments. While I'm not an expert on directing, the movie was poorly directed in my view. The pacing was slow, there were continuity errors. I watched it a long time ago and about to rewatch it again after many years. I hope I don't regret my review to the good or the bad. But I suspect that I might like less because my experience in judging movies is more mature and sophisticated. My first viewing was in "my salad days, when I was green in judgment." (Shakespeare-Antony & Cleopatra Act 1 Scene V). Now I have been round the block a few times and the ravages of time and battle are evident on my armor. In short, I am more forgiving and always looking to give a person a break of some kind. My motto: Swift in judgement, swift to die.


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