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Endless Love


Young teenagers Jade Butterfield and David Axelrod fall in love, but their passion is too consuming for Jade's bohemian parents, who try to stop them from seeing each other. When that doesn't work, David burns down the Butterfields' house and is sent to a mental hospital. When he gets out he is still in love with her and searches for her. In the end, his passion for his first love is too strong and she must leave or this love will kill both of them.


this film is so good!!

I know, it isn't a good movie. But Tom Cruise plays in it, and that's enough to love this film! He is playing very good, on his debut. But the story and so on is very bad, but that doesn't matter. If you love Tom Cruise, you must see this movie, but else, you won't miss a movie you should have seen. I know, my Englisch is bad, but I'm from The Netherlands, so I don't do this every day!

One of tree best love story movie ever.

It's a classic I'd recommend this film to all parents and all 15 & 17 years old. All actors are great. Brooke and Martin are fantastic. Music is super. Franco Zeffirelli proves that is one of best directors. Story is original. Don Murry is very convincing as negative role of father. I hope that no one will try to make a remake because this one is one of a kind. They don't make such good love movies any more. Regarding the end of the movie part two would be very interesting, but it's a little to late or maybe not. I wonder if there is a new release of film on a DVD. VHS copies are probably in very bad condition so it would be nice to have a fresh copy on a DVD.

The Best Movie Ever!!!

I strongly believe this is my most favorite movie of all times and it should be a great success. It's unfair to compare it to 'Love Story' Which i never really liked that much. Brooke Shields is divine and this girl if she didn't have her mother as agent stopping her from accepting great roles she would have made it to the Top. The story is awesome and even though there are people to believe that a Love like that doesn't exist, well i believe it does. Only the ones who fall for a person like that could understand that.

I keep on watching this movie at least 3 times per year. I know the script & every scene by heart. The Soundtrack is also legendary. It's a shame that the production cut the final scene with 'David's Dialogue In Prison'. The Good thing is that this dialog is available in the Soundtrack.

Highly Recommended!

A misunderstood masterpiece

Warning: Spoilers

It was misunderstood from the beginning because since early childhood we have been taught such nonsense as "beauty is only skin deep" , "don't judge a book by its cover," and "look for a soul mate with brains." Endless Love is about the overwhelming beauty of teenage Brooke Shields. Yes, she was and is a horrible actress, but in EL that didn't matter. It was about a boy obsessed with her unearthly beauty. This is a very hard theme to accept in a world where "everyone is beautiful in their own way" because everyone isn't beautiful to anything close to the degree that Brooke was at that age.

Like Flaubert's Madame Bovary, the story was inspired by a more or less unresearched news clip about a similar incident (boy obsessed by girl burns her family home), but there was no attempt made to explore motivation other than the moth-in-flame attraction of Martin Hewitt. The movie can drive, therefore, straight to the psyche and skip the dull niceties of psychological inquiry. In its own way the film is simple and brutally honest. It explores a facet of the human existence that we often wish to ignore: the worship of pure physical beauty. This theme creates anger and derision in many people who simply feel that intellectually the human race has progressed beyond the point where Hewitt is at in the story. The reaction comes off as something like "grow up." But we have not totally grown up with regard to our attraction to physical beauty. It is just something we try to stifle intellectually, like the thing to do and think.

The movie also recalls the later-in-life trials and tribulations of Leni Riefenstahl, her quest for 3rd Reich-like eugenics in the 1970s-80s among the physically stunning Nuba of Africa. Few people are aware that Riefenstahl was once again nearly blackballed (especially in Europe) for her cinematography with the Nuba. First it was beautiful people on mountains, then beautiful Nazis, finally beautiful naked African bodies.

There is a direct relationship between Riefenstahl's eugenics and Endless Love. Both create a kind of poo-poo porn rejection in viewers who prefer repressing their non-intellectual magnetism to human aesthetics. As I said, our mothers taught us to "look at what's inside." A great part of our make-up does not always want to look there. In this way, EL is counter-cultural and even threatening. It is easier to call the acting bad (which it is) and the motivation flimsy (which it is not) than to confront this part of our human character.

I rate the movie high for its daring theme, the beauty of its teenage actors (not just Shields, but look also at James Spader at that age)and its bold originality. Yes, it was a paen to Brooke, but she deserved one at that time. Nature did not produce many of her ilk.

My Uncle Duffy Piccinni

God Bless my Uncle Duffy Piccini who was an actor in this movie! My mother (Duffy's sister) had taken me and my younger brother to see it in the movies when it came out. We loved the movie and seeing him in it with his credits at the end. Mom and uncle have since passed on. Thanks to my sister Valerie and brother Steven for sharing this link with me! Charlie and Jamie BellaVia

This is a great movie complete with awesome score! Has been an all time favorite through time for all generations.


!!! !!! :)

This is a graet movie!

This movie is a great movie! It is a great example of what love can make a person do. Its like a 80's version of Romeo and Juliet. Well the aspect of her parents not liking him is like R & J. Brook Sheilds is very beautiful and played her role good as well as Martin Hewitt.

love this movie

I just saw this movie again for the first time in almost 20 years. This was the greatest, it really touched me when i was a teenage. I saw it with my first love and still to this day I think of him when I see it or think about it. After reading the other comments on this movie it is hard for me to understand how some people dont love it. I think i love it so much because of when i first saw it, I was a teenage in 1981 and it was like nothing i ever saw before. People who are seeing it for the first time now might not get it the same way. My daughter is a teen now and I would like to watch it with her and see what she thinks. this movie will always have a special place in my heart.

Everything a perfect movie should be...and more!

This movie is quite possibly the single most passionate, intense, thrilling film I've ever seen. Even the most badly love-burned person can start to believe in love again after seeing it. Martin Hewitt and Brooke Shields are definately candidates for the cinema's most memorable lovers, at least I think so. Anyone who likes drama and/or romance, will definately love this movie. Some people say the acting in this movie is bad. It is NOT bad at all unless you're looking for Shakespeare or something. The storyline is very original, away from the old cliche that is used over and over again in romance films. How many other romantic films feature the leading man attempting to set fire to his love's house, just because he loves her so much?? What a film. That is all I can say: what an amazing film. I'm waiting patiently for the DVD. I was lucky enough to get a copy of the VHS, which is a prized possession. To everyone, ignore ALL of the bad reviews. See this movie no matter what it takes.

Endless Love 1981 - Why is this not out on DVD?

I am a big fan of movies that were released in the 80's. I can't believe that this movie has not been released in the United States on DVD as of yet??? I have been searching for it and found out it has been released in other countries, but not here yet. I really enjoyed this movie when I was younger and know that even this generation would really enjoy it. I think it would be a great seller and rental. This movie was aired on television several times after it's release at the movie theaters and I know it was a big hit. I hope the production company considers releasing this great movie. I hope that maybe if enough people request it they will listen. This movie was a great coming of age movie that shows a great love story of two young people who have to fight to stay together. It reminds me of a modern Romeo & Juliet. I know it was released on VHS, but never on DVD. It you come across it I recommend you watch it.

Nearly Perfect

Warning: Spoilers

Endless Love is one of those movies I can watch over and over; it really is that good - that's my opinion, of course. David is someone I can identify with; he's an only child and that makes him selfish and needy. Evidently, David stands out as a student both academically and as a risk taker. He is very clever yet very foolish. As an only child myself, I sympathize with and understand (but not encourage or condone)his wacky misguided behavior. Some people think that Martin Hewitt was miscast; I strongly disagree. By most peoples' standards, Hewitt is a handsome guy; he'd have to be to attract Brook Shields. No problem there! The relationship is based on physical attraction; from Jade's viewpoint this is doubly true. No miscast. James Spader made his start here, and his portrayal of Keith no doubt is what propelled him to higher success. In my mind Sex, Lies and Video Tape was his best but this was a close second. Keith is all too real; he's the stud who leads David on and betrays him; his agenda is as speculative as Mrs. Robinson's! Nevertheless, Keith goes on doggedly to rectify what he personally sees as a huge mistake. Spader brilliantly imparts a sense of honor and responsibility to, in the hands of a lesser actor, what would seem like mindless cruelty. "Just because you're xing my sister ..." What a great line! When David finally fights back in the Vermont hotel, I was cheering! There are loose ends. How did the police determine David's guilt about the fire? Did David admit it? The movie should have made it clear because a) Keith shows guilt for knocking David unconscious and b)Hugh saves David (and no doubt he regrets it later). And then there's the unclear ending. If any movie needed a clear happy ending, it was Endless Love.