SassyFlix | Galactic Gigolo

Galactic Gigolo

  • R
  • 1987-12-01
  • 01:20:00
3/ 10
268 votes

Comedy, Science Fiction

Eoj (Carmine Capobianco), an sentient vegetable alien who wins a grand prize from a game show on his home planet of Crowak. The prize is a two-week expenses paid trip to Earth. Eoj somewhat resembles a broccoli, but he has shape shifting abilities.

Once he arrives on Earth, the alien disguises himself as a man and develops a taste for sex with Earth women. Hildy (Debi Thibeault) is a reporter who is writing a chronical of Eoj's adventures.

After a televised press conference featuring Eoj, the mob decides to capture the alien and force it to aid in the commission of crimes, while a group of rednecks decide Eoj is communist and must be killed.