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Games Girls Play

  • R
  • 1974-12-01
  • 01:30:00
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The sex-crazed daughter of a wealthy businessman, Bunny O’Hara (Christina Hart) has bedded some of the most powerful men in the US government. When a top General becomes nervous of Bunny’s inside knowledge, he sends her and her ambassador father to London, where he enrols Bunny in a posh all-girls boarding school in the hope that she can stay out of trouble and he can avoid any scandal.

Along with virginal roommates Chris (Jill Damas) Sal (Drina Pavlovic) and Jackie (Jane Anthony), corruptive Bunny’s good behaviour soon goes out the window, with naked swimming and teasing their lesbian tutor, soon part of the agenda. It’s not long before Bunny and the girls set their sights higher when, during a conference for Nuclear disarmament, Bunny devises a plan to help her three roommates lose their virginity. With the aid of shy classmate Ducky (Erin Geraghty), Bunny enlists the three girls to be sex partners to some foreign dignitaries, setting up liaisons where Ducky can photograph the sessions to document their ‘project’. Of course things go pear-shaped and nearly lead to a major international incident.