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GatorBait 2 Cajun Justice

  • R
  • 1988-03-15
  • 01:35:00
  • Action


A sweet city girl initiated into the rugged ways of the Louisiana swamp by her good-natured Cajun husband "Big T". She ends up putting her newly acquired survival skills to good use when she is kidnapped by Big T's chief rival Leroy and his swarthy, brutish family as part of an ongoing feud.


An enjoyably sordid slice of hicksploitation junk

Warning: Spoilers

Sweet city gal Angelique (a solid and appealing performance by gorgeous and voluptuous redhead knockout Jan Sebastian) settles down in the Louisiana swamp after marrying kindhearted Cajun good ol' boy Big T. (a likable portrayal by Tray Loren). In the wake of being abducted and defiled by a bunch of vile hillbilly scumbags, Angelique is forced to use the survival skills Big T. taught her in order to exact a harsh revenge on the wholly deserving redneck swine.

Writers/directors Ferd and Beverly Sebastian offer a flavorsome depiction of the colorful local Cajun culture, maintain a pleasingly sleazy atmosphere throughout, make nice use of the backwoods bayou locations, don't pull any punches with the ugly and protracted rape set piece, and stage an exciting boat chase with a reasonable amount of skill and gusto. The hick bad guys are quite scuzzy, disgusting, and detestable, with Paul Muzzcat in particular a slimy stand-out as vicious and repulsive ringleader Leroy. In addition, Reyn Hubbard contributes an amusing turn as stuttering idiot Geke while Sebastian and Loren display an engaging on-screen chemistry. As a yummy extra bonus, the delectable Mrs. Sebastian shows off a lot of her eye-popping full figure. George H. Hamilton's twangy score further enhances the overall downhome tang. Ferd Sebastian's fairly polished cinematography boasts a few neat stylistic flourishes. A satisfying serving of pretty nasty trash.

Swamp silly

Your basic rape revenge sort of thing. Nothing terribly graphic . Very little skin. Extremely low budget. However it does have three redeeming points.

It is so bad it is funny.

A good boat chase scene (No, not comparable to Face Off or either of the two Bond movie chases, but hey, they're little aluminum boats).

Jan MacKenzie is a very cute redhead and her "attire" really does make the above chase scene special.

An agreeable sequel.

Warning: Spoilers

Filmmakers Ferd and Beverly Sebastian follow up their original Hicksploitation classic with this similarly sleazy sequel. As could be expected, it's not as much fun as the first "Gator Bait". For one thing, Claudia Jennings is sorely missed. For another, it's pretty slow to really get started and the climactic action just isn't as satisfying overall as it ought to be.

It plays rather like an imitation of "I Spit On Your Grave", as a gang of drooling redneck horndogs decide they're going to have their way with Angelique (Jan Sebastian), the city-gal wife to Big T (Tray Loren), who's all grown up since the events of the original. The leader of this gang is Leroy (Paul Muzzcat), who's determined to keep an old family feud going. After the inevitable defiling of the pretty Angelique, she gets her chance for escape and ultimately plans on revenge.

The gritty look of the film is just perfect for these sordid goings-on. The almost nonstop Cajun music is likewise the perfect accompaniment. Unfortunately, as already said, this movie takes a long time to get to the good stuff. The final half hour has its moments, especially a lengthy river chase featuring some good camera-work. But the revenge portion of "Gatorbait II: Cajun Justice" just doesn't hit the spot as well as it should. The only truly amusing punishment doled out is a head sealed inside a bag that happens to contain some rattlers.

She may not make anybody forget the legendary drive-in goddess Ms. Jennings, but Sebastian does do a creditable job and also looks quite nice in (and out of) her revealing primary outfit. Loren is very affable as the swamp dwelling Big T who does his best to toughen up his wife. The guys playing the antagonists are appropriately loathsome; Muzzcat is a hoot as the depraved ringleader.

This is basically enjoyable for fans of trash even if it can't quite compare to its predecessor. If you enjoy anything with hot babes and backwoods boors, you're sure to get some entertainment out of it.

Six out of 10.

Cajun Justice has been served

Warning: Spoilers

Hello folks Gweedo here, Today I will be talking about Gator Bait 2: Cajun Justice. I never saw part one and after reading about these movies I wanted to see them, but at the local video store all they had was part 2. Still its a great film. There might be a few SPOILERS ahead but nothing to much. It starts off with the wedding of Angelique ( Jan Mackenzie in her first film ) and Big "T" ( Tray Loren ). Not long into the after party a group of five backwood hicks try to trash it untill Big "T" and his boys beat them boys down. Well after the hicks are beat down they want to get revenge so the shoot Big "T" and they take Agelique rape her. she soon escapes. After her Escape she goes for revenge and starts taking out the boys one by one. A great film okay special effects good acting all and all a great film. One of the best endings around. two thumbs up!

Gator Bait II deserves a 10 !

If only for being the only drama performance of Jan MacKensie !Where is she now ? In my humble opinion ,she is one of the hottest babes ever in movies (if only B exploitation ).That's why they put her on the cover .As far as plot development ,what do you expect for a hit and run cheapie ,it's better than porn videos from the "valley " .The same Eurotrash reviewers ,who trashed this movie ,probably love "I am Curious "(blue ) in 8 mm !None of them has been to Loosiana where this s**t goes on under Mayor Nagin and Gov.Landrieu .La France doesn't even recognizes "cajuns" as their progeny .Well ,back to Jan Mackensie ,where is she now (just curious ).

Humiliation,rape and revenge

This one reminds me of the cult classic ''I spit on your grave. A beautiful girl gets married but on the party some savage rednecks interrupts and a big fight take place. The bride and her husband gets away but the rednecks dosen't forget it. They search the swamp,finds them,shoots the husband and taking her away just to rape and humiliate her. Quite graphic. But one of the psycos gets too emotional and gives her the key to the chains they tied her up with. She get's away,arms herself and taking them down,one by one.

This is not exactly a masterpiece,but it's not that bad either. If you like films like these,see it. There's a lot worse movies than this.