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Geek Maggot Bingo

  • NR
  • 1983-04-01
  • 01:14:00
5/ 10
7 votes

Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

The film follows the insane Dr. Frankenberry (Robert Andrews), who repeatedly attempts to reanimate the dead with the assistance of his hunchbacked assistant Gecko (Robert Zeus). Other characters include the professor's daughter Buffy (Brenda Bergman), who performs most of the movie semi-nude, and falls victim to the vampire, and Flavian (Gumby Spangler), son of the professor at Frankenberry's university, Dean Quagmire (Jim Giacama) who had rejected Frankenberry's original experiments. There is also a punk rocker cowboy The Rawhide Kid (Richard Hell) and a vampiress called Scumbalina (Donna Death).

Frankenberrry successfully creates hideous two-headed creature called The Formaldehyde Man (Tyler Smith), who goes on a rampage, killing several characters. 

Directed by:

Nick Zedd

Writing Credits:

Nick Zedd