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 Visions of a deceased girl and her doll bring doom to the visitors of a deserted house. Where else can you see such an off-the-wall haunted house movie with a demonic little girl, an evil clown doll, Harvey Keitel look alike Donald o' Brien as a slasher maniac, acid milk baths, flying stuffed animals, bizarre nursery rhymes, a disappearing Doberman Pincer, zombies, and other bits of general weirdness?


Cheesy Mindless Goodness

This movie was horrible and I loved every moment. So many ridiculous plot holes, glaring mistakes (he had a meat cleaver not an axe) and unanswered questions (what did the dog have to do with anything), but it was hilariously bad. Everyone knew they were making a crap movie and didn't try to take themselves seriously

amazing movie

Warning: Spoilers

This is my favorite movie ! And as the second part of Ghosthouse 2, gorgeous and amazing movie !!! Most of my favorite movies !!!

The film has an amazing atmosphere and visuals that make the film looks amazing, I could not tear myself away from the screen for a moment, as in the first part and the second (Ghosthouse 2). Special effects simply excellent and very good for this movie, and music to a movie is a separate issue, dark melodies, as well as funeral melody. The plot of the film and the script is great, it all looks very fine and very interesting, to be honest, when I watched this film (as well as the second part of Ghosthouse 2) on cassette when I was 11, I was really scared these films. Now I watch them with great pleasure. This is a perfect movie to me. Acting is great, great movie characters play their roles. Make-up dolls, death with a scythe is amazing, the advantages of these two films, I can write endlessly ... I watched a lot of horror movies (because it is my subject, and I collected them for a long time), but this film (along with the second part about the witch Ghosthouse 2) - will always be the favorite for me to film.

A very good haunted house flick

The Evil Dead was called La Casa in Italy and that means The House, Evil Dead 2 was La Casa 2 but Ghosthouse is La Casa 3 so this is Evil Dead 3 in Italy but although this has nothing to do with a cabin and deadites Ghosthouse is a very good film. The music is very creepy and does sometimes send a chill down me especially with the ghost of the Girl and the Clown doll that haunt the people in the house.

The gore is another interesting thing because the murders are something different for a ghost film, the acting is OK in some parts but that isn't a main thing for Ghosthouse. If you're interested in a haunted house flick with something different to it then check Ghosthouse out for some creepy and gory scenes.

An excellent movie

The first time I saw this movie, it really creeped me out. The ghostly hymn that is heard whenever something bad is going to happen is creepy as well. However, this movie is in my opinion "Very Good". You should certainly see it, and rate it yourself. I like "vintage" movies, so I enjoyed this one. It is a must see for those who like a good horror movie. Sure, it's not everyone's idea of scary, but it has its share of spooky scenes.

How can you not like this?

Warning: Spoilers

I can't believe that there are people out there who don't like this movie!! I've got to say that this is one of my favorite horror movies. I loved it from the first time I saw it. There are pretty good scare scenes, and some gruesome gore. For example, when Tina is cut in half, when Jim gets it in the neck with the fan blade, the blood coming from the faucet...etc. One freaky part is how the clown turns into Tina after she is dead, and comes to Susan. I can assure you that that would scare the hell out of me!!

The ending was quite bizarre, and I wish they would have made a sequel, just so we'd know what happened with the doll and it's creepy nursery rhyme. I'm telling you, this movie gave me nightmares after watching it. That rhyme just sends chills up my spine.... This movie rocks.... definitely pick up a copy and watch it. How could anyone say it "shouldn't even be used as toilet paper"..... I guess they just don't appreciate a good cheezy 80's horror movie.

Highly entertaining and creepy horror from 1988.

Ghosthouse (1988) is very good for a low budget horror, it's very creepy and has haunting music in places!!! It's about this bunch of young men and women who decide to explore this run down old house that has been boarded up for years.

The house is still haunted by the young girl who used to live there and her spooky clown doll (the clown is great by the way).

It's not long before bad things start to happen to the group as they begin to realise that evil lies within the house!!! Ghosthouse is a very good film, with lots of creepy moments and some gore, the music is great too.......... the same music is used in "Stage Fright" which is another creepy horror movie, both are well worth checking out. 8/10 for this one.

Creepy Classic

I will never understand how this film manages to be so cheesy yet so creepy at the same time, but Ghosthouse pulls it off with ease. Right from the start we get some nice gore scenes and that creepy carnival music. Then we get some terrible acting.

The house has a very ominous feel to it, no doubt this is more down to the creepy music used (some of it taken from Stagefright). The acting ranges from OK to completely inept - several of the characters are just unconvincing in everything they say. For example there's the girl who says "Look, it's that horrible man!" The bad acting however makes the film more entertaining to watch and gives you plenty of laughs. The little girl and her doll are also very creepy, but I think the main winner in this film is the weird carnival music that makes it stand out from all other films. I love the scene with the "grim reaper" in and his maggot infested skull.

If you love 80's horror flicks, you can't go wrong with Ghosthouse. It has that nasty Italian feel to it, but also plenty of cheesy fun.

Just ridiculous.

Warning: Spoilers

Ghosthouse has nothing to do with House or House 2. Then again, it also has nothing to with Evil Dead or Evil Dead 2, movies that are known as La Casa and La Casa II in Italy. But hey, who is keeping score? As you'll learn before the end of the week, the next two La Casa movies have nothing to do with this one, either!

Director Umberto Lenzi (Eaten Alive!, Nightmare City) directed this Joe D'Amoto production, which was filmed in the same house as Fulci's House by the Cemetery!

The film starts in the past, right after Henrietta has killed her pet cat. Her father locks her down in the basement, along with her creepy clown doll. He tells his wife that their daughter has to be possessed by the devil, but before they can make a move, she kills dad with an axe to the head and explodes a mirror, sending shards into the eye of her mother, Fulci style. Holy shit, this movie hasn't even started yet and it goes for the jugular!

Let's meet our hero. Paul Rodgers is just your typical guy. He does data entry via ham radio, with his call letters proudly on top of his set-up, made with a wooden router, like something your aunt would have in her house that smells like liver. All he wants to do is sit on the bed and eat chili with his girlfriend, Martha, except he keeps hearing cries for help over the radio.

Also - I should mention that all of the dialogue in this film sounds like it's being said by complete maniacs, adding to my enjoyment of the film. It also has moments of insane dialogue padding - by that I mean, Paul discussing Simon Le Bon with a female ham operator or asking who is more popular in Denver, Kim Basinger or Kelly LeBrock.

They track the signal to the house we saw at the beginning (throughout the film, I kept yelling, "It's Dr. Freudenstein's house! Stay out of his house!" but no one listened) and meet another ham radio operator. Obviously, ham radio was the internet of the 80's. As they walk on the porch, Martha says that the house has an evil aura (her thick accent makes translating her nonsensical dialogue a master's class in Italian exploitation dialogue divination) and refuses to go in. Paul just says, "Yeah,f it. F it." and goes in.

They meet the Dalens, Jim, Mark and Tina, along with Susan. These friends have been interested in the house and Jim may have been the ham radio operation that Paul heard scream. Don't get too used to anyone - anyone involved dies horribly, like a flying fan blade to the throat, a hammer to the brain, getting chopped in half, being hung and even the basement floor splitting apart to reveal a milky substance that works like acid. Even a wacky hitchhiker who walks through the house looking for silver to steal gets wacked. Man, even Paul gets killed in the film's shock twist ending as he gets smooshed by a bus.

It's all Henrietta's fault. She's the kid we saw kill her parents earlier and she just keeps it up. Why? Well, her father stole a clown doll from another child's coffin and gave it to her. You know how these things happen.

There's a completely deranged scene where Martha finds the doll, leading to paper rabbits, feathers and other toys attacking, ending with the doll sneaking up behind Martha and trying to choke her. Becca yelled, "No wonder this girl turned bad. Her toys are shitty!"

You even get Donald O'Brien (Dr. Butcher M.D. himself!) as Valkos, a hitchhiker/backwoods weirdo/the old guy that warns kids. Here, he stalks and kills at random, including the aforementioned hammer to the head kill, after which he shuts the coffin lid on a still alive mortician.

You like severed heads? You like ghost dogs? You like dialogue about Jack the Ripper and the Salem Witch Trials that makes no sense? You like policemen in over their heads spewing jargon-filled exposition? How do you feel about explosions and maggots? Or synthesized sounds that repeat over and over until they make you feel trapped like the characters in the film? Then guess what? I've got the film for you.

Amusing, campy, serious, and creepy all at once

A programming engineer in Boston picks up what sounds like a murder on his CB radio. He and his girlfriend trace the disturbing recording to an abandoned house where they find a group of young people camped out at; unbeknownst to them, a young girl and her clown doll haunt the home, killing anyone who dares enter.

Released in Italy as "La casa 3" and marketed as an unlicensed sequel to the "Evil Dead" franchise (which makes zero sense), "Ghosthouse" is an under-appreciated gem among the supernatural schlocky horror of the late eighties. Directed and co-written by Umberto Lenzi under the pseudonym "Humphrey Humbert," the film was shot in the same location as Lucio Fulci's "The House by the Cemetery," and has a similar feel with Lenzi's own spins. Yes, it's campy at times, but it also manages to be compelling and boast a genuinely spooky atmosphere.

The cinematography is very professional and the movie is surprisingly well shot; the editing leaves a bit to be desired and results in some clunky transitions and parallel editing, but given the type of film this is, it's completely forgivable. The house and surrounding forest create a lush and unsettling atmosphere, which is exacerbated by bizarre encounters with the silent spot-lit ghost girl and her bizarre clown doll inside the house. There are some inventive and shocking murder scenes that are well-handled and convincing.

Perhaps the most memorable thing about the film, as many have said, is the bizarre nursery tune that plays during the characters' encounters with the supernatural. It's difficult to describe and has to be heard to be understood, but it adds a sufficiently creepy flair to what could have been otherwise flat or hokey scare scenes. The acting is a mishmash of decent performances and wooden ones, but overall the characters are likable and the actors good enough. I'd say if the film has a singular weakness, it'd be some of the poorly-delivered lines; aside from that, this is actually a fairly class-act haunted house movie.

Overall, "Ghosthouse" is an incredibly entertaining haunted house flick— nothing more, nothing less. If the idea of killer clown dolls, a big creepy house, and a possessed little girl in a white dress sound like a good time, then this is the prime late eighties flick for it. It's well shot and incredibly atmospheric, and features some creative and fun scare scenes— the "House by the Cemetery" location link just provides another amusing bonus for genre fans. 8/10.

Great low budget Ghost movie

This movie, in my opinion, is one of the better Haunted House/Ghost movies I have seen. The acting was alright, and I did enjoy the story, sure there were a couple predictable moments but there was also a few surprises thrown in with a bunch of very creepy/eerie moments, which include a freaky looking Clown doll. This movie did manage to create an eerie atmosphere which also helped it out. I gave this movie an 8 out of 10. If you are considering renting this movie definnately rent it, you will not be dissapointed.