SassyFlix | Hardbodies


  • R
  • 1984-05-04
  • 01:28:00
  • Comedy


Before sitting down to watch Hardbodies, decide what you are looking for out of this film. Do you want a well-written movie with an engaging plot, Oscar-worthy performances and beautifully-written dialogue? Then stay away from this movie. Do you want to see a fairly entertaining movie centered around fitting as much gratuitous shots of topless women as possible? Then you've found what you're looking for!

Hardbodies is a cheesy, 80's teen sex movie. But if you like cheesy, 80's teen sex movies, it's actually pretty good. It's better than any of the other ones out there. Some funny, quotable lines. A few entertaining characters. And many, many hot naked women. How can you go wrong when there's bikini tops flying off before the opening credits even end?

Hunter, Rounder and Ashby are middle aged businessmen friends, who decide that they have focused on work for most of their adult lives, and now need to reward themselves by renting a nice beach house in Southern California where they plan to pick-up the nubile young women half their ages that populate the beach. They find that although they have the money, they don't have all else that goes along with impressing the girls. They meet Scotty Palmer, a young man around who the girls seems to flock. Scotty implies that they too can have all those young women if they just know how to go about it. As such, the men propose that he teach them, in return for a $600 fee and he staying with them in their nice house. What they are unaware of is that Scotty needs them as much as they need him, he who has just been evicted from his rundown pigsty of an apartment for being three months behind in rent. Scotty is able to parlay this work into managing a girl band, which the promoter wants to partner with the whole "hardbody" movement, the nickname given to the perfectly sculpted bodies on the beach. But in the process, Scotty brings out the inner monster of some of his students which threatens not only his job with them, but his relationship with his girlfriend Kristi.