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Hitcher in the Dark

  • R
  • 1989-01-01
  • 01:35:00
5/ 10
5 votes

Crime, Horror, Thriller

Mark, a disturbed young man, harbors sexual desires for his deceased mother. Driving around the back roads of Va. Beach, Mark seeks out lone females to carry out his twisted sexual fantasies. Enter Daniela, who bares a striking resemblance to mom, who happens to make the mistake of accepting a ride from Mark.

Misogynistic psycho wackjob Mark (a creepily manic and intense performance by Joe Balogh) wears mirror shades, suffers from a severe mommy complex, drives a fancy expensive Winnebago, and has a nasty penchant for picking up stray foxy young female hitchhikers whom he likes to rape, debase and brutally murder. Mark chooses the feisty Daniela (gorgeous blonde hottie Josie Bissett, who went on to slightly more respectable work as a regular on the trashy nighttime soap opera “Melrose Place”) as his next victim and abducts her. Daniela’s obsessive boyfriend Kevin (woodenly played by Jason Saucier) gives chase.

Directed by spaghetti splatter specialist Umberto (“Nightmare City”) Lenzi (Play Motel and Eyeball), this movie has some things going for it. It features some really beautiful scenery of the American South. It features some really beautiful scenery of a young, lovely Josie Bisset, as well as totally gratuitous nudity (as well as Bissett in the buff, we get to see various other victims and Lenzi even manages to work in a beachside wet t-shirt contest for no reason whatsoever!).