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Hot Cars


Story of a salesman lured into the "hot car" racket.

Nick Dunn doesn’t want to be mixed up in a stolen car ring operating out of a chain of car dealerships in Culver City, CA, but Nick Dunn’s son needs an operation, and an operation costs money. When detective Davenport comes snooping around about some hot cars, and later turns up dead, Nick’s fortunes take a turn for the worse.


Despite the low budget and lack of stars, this one is amazingly good.

"Hot Cars" will never be seen as a classic, but it is well worth seeing--especially by young film makers who need a lesson on how to make a good film with practically no budget. So, despite its shortcomings, the film is actually better than you'd expect--much better.

"Hot Cars" stars John Bromfield--a guy you probably never heard of and had few chances to star in films. Yet, surprisingly, he did a nice job playing an honest man who is, through circumstances, pulled into a world of crime. You see, his son is very sick (the exact illness is never mentioned) and he's just lost one job as a used car salesman because he was just too honest. When he's offered what seems like a wonderful job with a wonderful boss, he's excited. But the excitement is short-lived. It seems the company makes money by buying and selling stolen cars and then altering them to avoid detection. At first Bromfield is angry and appalled, so he quits. But, when he learns from his wife that they need money to get the kid treatment needed to survive, he reluctantly agrees to go back to this job. The money is excellent and he's able to live with his conscience, but things are closing in on him...and fast! Can he somehow make it through this sleazy business and come out unscathed? Watch this well-crafted and interesting film to find out for yourself.

If you like film noir, you'll probably like this, but I would consider it 'noir-lite'--not as dark and without the style you'd really expect from film noir but still having some of the elements of this gritty genre. If you don't, you still can't help but respect what these folks did with so little at their disposal. Nice.

Hot Cars

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