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In Search of Gregory

  • PG
  • 1969-11-01
  • 01:30:00
10/ 10
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Drama, Mystery, Romance

Young Catherine Morelli (Julie Christie) who lives in Rome, goes to Geneva to find romance at her father’s wedding. There she begins a near nymphomaniac pursuit of a mystery-fantasy man called Gregory (Michael Sarrazin).

In this psychological drama, Catherine (Julie Christie) is an attractive young woman living in Rome who is infatuated with a man named Gregory, whom she's never actually met. When her father informs her that he intends to remarry, Catherine is not interested in attending the wedding until she learns that Gregory will also be a guest. She flies to Geneva for the ceremony and imagines Gregory to be an athlete in an advertising poster she sees at the airport; she's lost in fantasies about him, even as her brother Daniel (John Hurt), with whom she once had an incestuous relationship, attempts to seduce her. While she misses meeting Gregory, she does run into the sports star from the poster (Michael Sarrazin); they soon repair to a hotel where they make love. However, Catherine discovers that his chiseled looks don't match his drab personality, and she soon leaves him behind. Before returning to Rome, Catherine makes a last attempt at finding Gregory, whom she's been told is also looking for her.

Christie is a young woman who goes to her father's wedding on the promise that she will meet a handsome young man named Gregory--who never shows. Instead, Christie fantasizes about him. She imagines him to be the handsome autoball player whose picture she has seen at the airport. She searches for him all over Geneva but her efforts are fruitless. She decides to return to Rome, though her brother, Hurt, with whom she had an incestuous affair years before, tries to dissuade her. At the airport she meets the autoball player (Sarrazin), and they check in to a hotel room for an afternoon of lovemaking. But he reveals himself to be a dull, German medical student and Christie is crushed. She prepares to leave for Rome once more and calls Hurt from the airport. He tells her the elusive Gregory has just called and is searching for her. But she decides to leave Geneva, completely unaware that Gregory (whose face is never seen) is in the phone booth next to hers. The film tries to be a Pinter-style psycho-drama but doesn't make it. Cowriter Guerra also contributed to L'AVVENTURA and BLOW UP. This was the last film Universal's European production company made, and the finished product was held for a year before it was released.