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A middle-aged man is having problems trying to regain his sexual drive. He leaves behind his old life and tries to discover a simpler happiness through painting and meeting new friends. Wanting to save him from a sexless fate, his friend (director Carlos Tobalina in a supporting role) attempts to solve the mystery of his sexual shortcomings, through any means possible. Filled with incredible footage of Las Vegas, the Sierra Nevada and elsewhere, as well as subplots involving kidnapping, and even a bit of unexpected gore, filmmaker Carlos Tobalina’s debut feature is a totally unique sexploitation experiment that showcases many of the stylistic touches that would become his trademarks, along with a cast of beautiful starlets, including Sharon Matt and Marsha Jordan.


Inept sexploitation thriller from Vinegar Syndrome

Warning: Spoilers

Vinegar Syndrome have been doing a grand job over the last decade of bringing out the rarest of rare sexploitation movies, polishing them and releasing them on high quality DVD and Blu-ray. What a pity, then, that so many of these films don't deserve all of the attention; they remain obscure for a reason and INFRASEXUM is no exception. When the film's lead - an old moustachioed actor - hides under the silly pseudonym Eroff Lynn then you know you're in trouble.

The film was directed, written by, and co-stars a guy called Carlos Tobalina who appears to have little talent behind the camera. At one point a lengthy lesbian interlude is interrupted by the massive shadow of the cameraman on a wall behind the actresses! Incredible to believe it wasn't picked up. It's essentially a road movie, as Lynn's character discovers his impotence and goes on a road trip to Vegas, leaving behind his voluptuous wife.

What follows is tortuous rather than exciting. There's some travelogue footage of the main character visiting Las Vegas and the surrounding desert and a random interlude at a music festival in the park lending some naturalism to the proceedings. The narration is extraordinarily dull. Some cod psychiatry is thrown in to make you laugh. A string of sex scenes are quite explicit and seemingly take place for real at times, but titillating it isn't. A random and inept gore murder apes the films of H.G. Lewis, but the subsequent action scene is ridiculously bad. If your idea of artistry is having the cameraman burrowing his head into a woman's breasts then perhaps you might like this one.