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Lady Terminator


The Riff Bros. are back with Riff Bro Jordan and “Silent” Steve tackling Indonesia’s totally insane “Terminator” knock-off, LADY TERMINATOR! An anthropologist (with a great rack) ends up getting possessed by the South Seas Queen, making her invincible to gunfire, and giving her, and her pet vaginal eel, a craving for man meat. This flick is full of insanely cheesy action setpieces, groinal violence, overt feminism, and “homages” to 1984’s classic, “The Terminator.”

About the plot: “A sultry vacationing anthropologist takes a dip in the sea and comes up for air both possessed AND nude – and ready to blow the hell out of Indonesia. Armed with an AK-47 and an endless supply of bullets, this murderous Lady Terminator takes to the streets on a revenge-filled rampage.One of the key cult movies of the 1980s, Lady Terminator mixes gratuitous nudity with Asian black magic and Western-style shoot’em up in a perfect combination of sleaze, gore, sex, blood, explosions, shootouts, hot Asian chicks, mullet-headed stoners driving armored cars, inane dialog, brainless disco songs, and guns that never run out of ammunition.”


Lady Terminator is one of those movies that are so bad you find them great after watching it. The film is full of goofs, nonsense dialogs, bloody shoot outs, crazy car chases, 80’s music & fashion, mythology, explicit sex, nudity…. I saw it at the International Sitges Film Festival in 2004 and the whole cinema went nuts with Lady Terminator clapping and making fun of the scenes. If you want to have a really good time watch it with friends and make it a double program along Virgins From Hell …another flick gem from Indonesia….. Here’s what this movie is about: “Once there was a great sorcerer, which every day to satisfy lust needed a new young man, and if he could not deal with it, it will die a painful death. But one day to her house looked muscular, handsome, will not only satisfy the witch, but also stole her life force in the form of a snake in his hand turned into a dagger. In anger, righteous witch promised a century revenge praprapravnuchke muscular hero, and she went to the bottom of the ocean and became Queen of the South Sea.

One hundred years later the girl-anthropologist Tanya Wilson, intrigued by this story, goes into the ocean, hoping to find an underwater castle witch. Of course, she finds it, and becomes the victim of a sorceress, who moved into her sexy body and is now ready to fulfill his promise. Tanya Wilson, transformed into Lady Terminator comes out of the ocean and goes to the city in search of praprapravnuchki muscular hero, who became a popular rock star …”