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Las Vegas Lady


In Las Vegas, Lucky and two of her girlfriends, Carol and Lisa, plan to steal half a million dollars from the sadistic manager of the Circus Circus Casino. A shadowy man is their contact and organizer. Each of the women could be a weak link in a scheme that has to be flawless: Lucky's boyfriend is a security officer at the casino, Lisa is a trapeze artist who's now plagued with vertigo, and Carol is in debt to a nasty thug - plus, as a Black woman, she's subject to additional harassment. Can the gals pull off the heist, or is the plan, with it's mysterious organizer, too complicated to succeed?


A really enjoyable Crown International Pictures crime caper romp

Warning: Spoilers

This on the money solid and enjoyable Crown International Pictures crime caper affair comes across like a cheerfully low-rent drive-in discount version of "Ocean's 11." Adding immensely to this film's already considerable entertainment value is the always charming and delightful presence of the divine Stella Stevens, who portrays the titular shady lady casino hostess with her customary winning blend of brassy firebrand panache and sassy sophisticated sexiness. Tired of her lackluster lot in life, Stevens plans on stealing a hefty multi-million dollar sum of cash from Circus Circus in order to make things better for herself. Helping Stella out with her daring heist are friendly security guard Stuart Whitman, rascally old high stakes gambler Jessie White, and the foxy salt'n'pepper distaff duo of Linda Scruggs and Lynne Moody. Standing in Stella's way is ruthless jerk casino manager George DiCenzo. Director Noel ("Youngblood") Nosseck keeps the pace quick and the suspense well-maintained throughout. Moreover, the thrilling robbery itself is staged and edited with breakneck aplomb, there's a nicely funky theme song called "Gambling Blues," Stephen Katz's sharp cinematography accurately nails the gaudiness of the Glitter Gulch in all its tacky day-glo splendor, and future big deal mainstream Hollywood feature composer Alan ("Back to the Future," "Predator") Silvestri supplies a splendidly snazzy'n'jazzy ersatz Lalo Schifrin score. Taut, involving and a definite must-see for Stella Stevens aficionados.

And the "Best Cleavage of the 1970s" award goes to....

Warning: Spoilers

....Stella Stevens! Holy crap, what a body! And if her deeeeep cleavage is not enough for you, there is some peek-a-boo nudity from her in a jacuzzi. Meanwhile, the ladies get shirtless Stuart Whitman. The first half of "Las Vegas Lady" is glitzy but dull; the second half, when the heist plan is actually put into motion, is somewhat better, but be warned: this film is not exactly the lighthearted romp it appears to be, and one of the women in particular (I hope it's a coincidence that it's the black one) is mistreated harshly. George DiCenzo, as the casino boss, is so dripping with sleaze that you get the feeling the floor around him is slippery.

I'm just filling in for a friend

Warning: Spoilers

A man called Hoover requests Lucky (Stella Stevens) and her girls work a party and steal money from the manager he keeps in a drawer. The floor plan looks like refrigerator art. That is pretty much the film except for a slight twist. Stella Stevens boast some major cleavage. It is an okay film that is available on multi-packs, not that great to buy as a single, unless you are some major league collector.