SassyFlix | Logan's Run

Logan's Run

  • PG
  • 1976-06-23
  • 01:59:00
7/ 10
571 votes

Action, Science Fiction

In the year 2274, after the world has been decimated by a holocaust, a new society is built and resides in a domed city. However, it is forbidden for humans to live beyond thirty, and you are given two choices, either to go through a ritual called "carrousel" with the promise of being "renewed", or go on the run and risk being hunted down by an elite police force known as "Sandmen". Logan 5 (Michael York) is just such a man, and when he and his partner Francis 7 (Richard Jordan) find and kill a runner, Logan takes an ankh symbol which identifies a person as a runner. When the computers of the city find out that Logan is in possession of the amulet, they order him to go undercover and find Sanctuary, the place where all the runners go to live out the rest of their lives. To ensure this, the computer adds four years to the time crystal on his palm to make it appear that he is on the verge of turning thirty. Logan then meets up with Jessica 6 (Jenny Agutter), a member of the underground group that helps runners escape to Sanctuary. Logan then begins to run, but in the process, realizes that there is much for which to live, and that he is just entering the prime of his life.