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Malibu High

  • R
  • 1979-05-01
  • 01:32:00
6/ 10
11 votes

Crime, Drama, Thriller

High school student Kim is having a tough time of things at the moment, she has been dumped by her boyfriend Kevin for a rich girl Annette, her grades are slipping and she has no money, and all her mother seems to care about is cleaning. She tells her best friend Lucy that the nonsense ends today. She's been feeling sorry for herself ever since her father hanged himself. She begins working for Tony the pimp and things start to look good for her, new clothes, new car and good grades. Annette begins to hate Kim even more and Kevin becomes jealous. She then meets Lance who frees her from turning tricks in a beat up old van which leads her to better clothes and nicer cars. Prostitution isn't the worst of it as she is forced to kill a man in self-defense when he tries to have his way with her being tied up. She becomes a hit woman.

Also Known As: Death in Denim, High School Hit Girl, Lovely But Deadly


The Best Worst Movie Of All Time

OK, this is a B movie. Let's just start there and realize that this film is just not a great piece of cinema. Now, knowing that, we can move forward. This is the best film of its type there is. Here's the synopsis. Girl is in high school. Girl's mother suggests that she get a job. Girl becomes prostitute. Girl kills pimp. Girl becomes HitGirl-for-the-Mob. Lots of other subplots to keep you entertained. Probably too many. But the lines in this groaner are worth the price of admission, if you can find it anywhere. "I'm a hooker - not a hitgirl!". Come on! Does it get better than that? MH belongs in the Hall of Fame with Faster Pussycat Kill Kill, They Came From Within and Attack of the Killer Tomatos, and is the best of the bunch. This film is an A+ in the world of the B-.

Only At the Drive-in...

It's no wonder that the Drive-ins were drug, booze and party havens in the '70s with this type of fare being shown! Even with all of it's flaws, there is something I really like about this movie. The plot alone was what made me want to watch this hooter flick in the first place. High School flunky, turned Hooker, turned Hitgirl! When Kim gets bad grades, she seduces her Teachers and it escalates from there to becoming a full blown hooker. Not on the street mind you, but in the back of a van! What more of a classic Drive-in masterpiece could this be? The acting is awful and stiff. Speaking of stiff, the sex scenes are almost, if not worse than the acting! The camera work looks more like a home movie than a theatrical presentation. The fashions in this movie look more like mid '70s than 1979 fashion. What really cracks me up is when Kim (Jill Lansing) decides to become a hooker and shows up to school in a halter top and mini skirt! Where did she get that mini skirt from? It looks like it was made of cardboard! Didn't anyone tell Kim that mini skirts were out of fashion by 1974? The other thing that makes me laugh about this movie is the music. It sounds like what you used to hear at the supermarket. That canned piped in music called "Muzak". It's not offensive, it just doesn't really suit the movie. At the same time though, it is what gives this movie it's charm. There are a couple of music selections I had heard before. One was the music that plays after Kim tells her Mom off. This music was used for the station identification on the comedy show SCTV, which ran in the early '80s here in Canada. The next selection was during the chase scene at the end. The music being used is the same music for the syndicated TV show "The People's Court" opening! The one thing that stands out in this movie is the 1971 Mustang convertible. It's the real star of the show! It is nice to see this version of Mustang caught on film forever without rust and holes all over it, which these cars were known for. If you like movies like "The Van", "The Pom Pom Girls", and "H.O.T.S.", you may find this movie disappointing. But if you are like me and can appreciate trash flicks like "The Lonely Lady" and "The Seduction", then you will enjoy this made-for-drive-in classic!

A Gem! An Absolute Winner! One of the Best....

Worst Movies of ALL Time! Saw this twice in the early 80's on some dinky, weird station that my local Cablevision company had (channel 10) on LI.

There's just so much about this movie that's atrocious. It's a hoot all the way as the girl goes from HS renegade to killer. The sex scenes are not erotic, the "acting" is riotously bad and the music! No idea who the hell threw this crapola thing together but we should be grateful it's around.

Why more people who like BAD movies don't know about this one is beyond me!

A deliciously cheesy chunk of vintage 70's Crown International drive-in exploitation sleaze

Warning: Spoilers

Bitchy, surly, calculating high school senior Kim Bentley (a marvelously venomous performance by tasty hot brunette Jill Lansing) ain't having a good time of it. She's been dumped by her jerky boyfriend Kevin (stolid Stuart Taylor), lives with her shrewish, overbearing mother (shrill Phyllis Benson), is still traumatized by the suicide death of her father, and is flunking all of her classes. Kim immediately starts to improve her miserable lot in life by seducing all of her male teachers and earning extra cash by servicing numerous guys in back of a van for scuzzy no-count pimp Tony (a nicely slimy Alex Mann). Things get even better for the seriously ruthless and amoral sociopath Kim when she leaves Tony and hooks up with smooth crime kingpin Lance (the ingratiating Garth Howard). Next thing you know Kim is bumping off folks for Lance as a deadly assassin (!). Crudely directed by Irvin Berwick (who also gave us the wonderfully wretched psycho riot "Hitch Hike to Hell"), with a spectacularly lurid, sordid and torrid melodramatic script by John Buckley and Tom Singer, rough, grainy cinematography by William De Diego, plenty of scrumptious gratuitous female nudity, ragged editing, a hilariously horrendous stock film library score (the "People's Court" theme plays in its entirety during a lengthy chase sequence!), terrible acting from a game no-name cast, a tacky theme song, a sizable smattering of leering soft-core sex, crummy dialogue, a mean, hard, sleazy tone, and one dilly of a surprise bummer ending, this gloriously gaga over-the-top schlock mini-epic makes for a whole lot of entertainingly trashy fun. One especially great scene has Kim give elderly high school principal Mr. Elmhurst (doddery John Harmon) a fatal massive heart attack by exposing her breasts in front of him. A simply astonishing disco dance party set piece rates as another uproariously campy highlight. A shamefully overlooked and under-appreciated exploitation crime drama gem.