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Master Minds

  • NR
  • 1949-11-27
  • 01:04:00
6/ 10
357 votes

Action, Comedy, Horror

Sach has eaten too much candy, which gives him a toothache that allows him to predict the future. Slip and Gabe come up with an idea to make money from this and put him in a sideshow carnival. A mad scientist sees Sach's photo in the newspaper and reads about his ability. He visits the carnival where after seeing Sach in action he decides to kidnap him so he can transfer his brain into the brain of Atlas, a Frankenstein type humanoid creature.

The boys attempt to rescue Sach, but are captured themselves. Meanwhile Sach and Atlas have had their brains swapped temporarily and Louie has arrived in the hopes of rescuing all of them. He dons a knight's armor and temporarily outwits the scientists, but is eventually captured as well. However, the police, who Louie tried to alert earlier, arrive and arrest the scientists. Slip then tries to put Sach back on display at the carnival, but Sach says he no longer has a toothache...because he swallowed it!