SassyFlix | Night of the Strangler

Night of the Strangler

  • R
  • 1972-10-01
  • 01:31:00
6/ 10
2 votes

Crime, Drama, Horror

In New Orleans, Denise Roberts tells her brothers, Vance and Dan, that she is pregnant. Dan learns the baby's father is black, threatens her and her fiancé, and demands she get an abortion. After returning to New York, Denise tells her fiancé she has lost the child. While she is expressing concern about her brother's threats, an assassin kills her fiancé. Once back in New Orleans, an intruder in Denise's apartment drowns her in her bathtub, then slits her wrists in an attempt to disguise the murder as a suicide.

Weeks later, the long-absent black priest, Father Jessie, returns to the local parish. Dan marries Carol, who had previously been Vance's girlfriend. Several murders follow. After the wedding, Carol is killed by a venomous snake concealed in a bouquet of roses delivered to their home. The Roberts's gardener, Willie, attempts to stab Dan at the local marina, but Dan shoots him to death in self-defense. The assassin returns and prepares to shoot Dan, but is instead shot by a guard at the marina. Vance's wife, Ann, is killed by a poisoned arrow from a booby trap in Vance's car. Blaming his brother for Ann's death, Vance stabs Dan in the chest with a throwing knife, but Dan again kills in self-defense.

Jessie enters the scene and explains that he is actually Jessie's twin brother Jake; the real Jessie was the man who had gotten Denise pregnant, and Jake had orchestrated the string of murders in revenge for his death. He kills Dan and leaves the scene shortly before the police arrive.