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On the evening of his decoration for bringing a murderer to justice, Washington DC Police Captain Frank Matthews' wife, and her lover are murdered in bed. Jailed as the prime suspect, with the aforementioned murderer released on a technicality Matthews escapes in search of the man he believes to be the real killer.


Top-notch detective yarn improves with age

Peppard is ideally cast as inflexibly hard-nosed cop who gets sucked through the looking-glass when indicted for his cheating wife's murder. Charles McGraw and Richard Kiley are both magnificent in the key supporting roles. Dana Elcar and Isabel Sanford also add poignantly amusing support. Director George Schaeffer's pacing and choice of score is perfect for the genre. And, many of the key ironies are even more appropriate today than when the film was made. Very highly recommended.

Some of the best work done of it's time.

The one thing that stands out, and possibly because of Peppard's rather "okay" performance, was the work of Robert F. Lyons and Madeleine Sherwood. Lyons makes a wonderful splash as his debut role in this film. I am surprised it has not been commented on before as I see very little work from this period that was on par with this. The work was quite impressive. If you are interested in the detail of an actor's craft, watch these two actors and their chemistry. They are just a joy to watch. Overall,the film was okay. A little slow at times but it has some nice twists that make up for the rather slow story. Hang in there though, it gets exciting toward the end!


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