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When James met Penelope at a club, it took all of three weeks before they were married. But after the marriage, other women became attracted to James and he kept getting promoted, which took him away from Penelope. So Penelope puts on a disguise and robs her husband’s bank. Her psychiatrist, Greg, believes that this condition is caused by James being over worked and under romantic with Penelope. She also tells Greg that she robs the business associates of James. But Greg is in love with Penelope – in fact everyone likes her. The problem is when she confesses to her crimes, no one believes her.


Highly attractive fluff

This weren't as bad as some people say. There's three reasons to watch it: (3) There is actually some funny and witty material here, (2) the photography is gorgeous--both the interior shots and the glamorous locales of mid-1960's New York, and (1) Natalie is stunningly beautiful.

One of my favorite Natalie Wood's movie

I can't think of an actress to this day that could pull this movie off with such joy. I've seen it several times and each time I'm left with a happy feeling. It's not meant to be a serious movie, it's meant to bring laughter and she does that over and over throughout the movie. Thank you beautiful Natalie for making me smile.

How does a classic movie like this get low score?!

This classic movie is authentic, fun and surprisingly have a good message. Since it's crime and comedy genre, it is about the common issues in marriage and how the couples try to overcome their problems.

However, I'm still wondering how a good movie like this gets an average score. Either not so many people watched it, or they expect too much from a movie made more than half a decade ago.

Absolutely beautiful, a classic

A must for vintage, colourful movies - they don't colour'em like the used to. The strong female character a rarity, such cheerfulness which in more recent times has been a trademark of Meg Ryan and Reese Witherspoon. Wonderful scenes including "How to blow bubble-gum", including Penelope and a detective Horatio. Great scenes with her analyst Gregory, who, understandably, has a hard time not falling in love with Penny.


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