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Popsy Pop


Claudia Cardinale is Popsy, who double-crosses her older partner Silva (Stanley Baker). Silva has arranged to divert diamonds from a large corporate-run diamond mine in the South American jungle, and Popsy does her “pop” wrong as they are both pursued by police.


POPSY POP (Jean Herman, 1971)

Mildly enjoyable international caper, very typical of its period and mainly notable if at all for its eccentric setting (a South American diamond mining-town), casting (Henri Charriere of "Papillon" fame as the gang boss, Stanley Baker's graduating from criminal in ROBBERY [1967] to inspector and Claudia Cardinale as a beautiful but duplicitous chanteuse nicknamed "Popsy Pop") and plot situations (the film is as much about the diamond theft and subsequent chase as the settling of a score of the romantic type – involving the three principals); equally to the fore, especially during the narrative's first half, is the vivid local color.

Another Jean Herman film which often plays on late-night Italian TV but I've yet to catch is the gangster thriller FAREWELL, FRIEND (1968) which basically hinges on the potentially dynamic star combo of Alain Delon and Charles Bronson.


Popsy Pop

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