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What can happen when gathered together more than a dozen women of all ages and social classes in the place from which they can not free to leave. The film’s director approached the situation with a good dose of satire and humor. This groovy, funny movie, tell you about what they are capable of creating fairer sex, prisoners in jail …!


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Warning: Spoilers

I am giving Prison-A-GO-GO a rating of ten stars. It is not because I believe it to be a perfect movie or even one of the best that I have seen, but simply because it deserves to be noticed. It also deserves more than the measly 3 stars (which it is at now).

I am a fan of Troma films and EI independents and Tempe. . . so, I have seen a lot of one star worthy films. . . this is not one. When I first saw this movie, I went in with a completely open mind. Rhonda Shear is in it, yes. Mary Woronov is in it, yes. But, it also has ninjas and zombies and Borscht. It has howler monkeys and gay prison guards a food fight and a pussy glam-goth band. It has a shower scene countdown clock, a porcupine girl. . . and JOLT! Also, a fat chick wrestling a really fake looking snake. . . one of my favorite scenes.

This is not one of the greatest films ever made. But, what this film is (to me, at least) is a very enjoyable way to pass the time. I have seen this scads of times now. . . I have the movie memorized, I can watch it with my back to the screen now and tell you every facial expression and movement. . . when someone is picking their nose even.

I love this film and show it to everyone I can. Most seem do like it, because it is entertaining and goofy and is not to be taken seriously at all. Sometimes movies like this are a great break from the more serious stuff we are pelted with so often.

I love independent cinema. I love Prison-A-Go-Go.

Funny as hell!

Warning: Spoilers

Unfortunately, I missed the first few minutes of this film, so I can't comment on the beginning (I came in on the scene where she can't kill the baby), but the rest of the film is hilarious.

All the WIP clichés were there- A woman looking for her sister in jail getting arrested on purpose.

The leering jail guard, The butch bully, the cafeteria fight scene, the shower scenes, the big escape scene towards the end, the mad doctor experimenting on the inmates, I completely missed Mary Wuronov's character, but I assume she played the tough dyke warden, etc....

The young guy as the new warden was great, as well as the crazy prison doctor and the Barbra Streisand-type inmate. The punk band scene was a pisser, and there's a lot of jazz in the score featuring a baritone sax (like "I Want To Live" with Susan Hayward and Gerry Mulligan on the soundtrack?).

I don't think a total spoof of WIP flicks has been done before, but there have been a lot of partial spoofs. Hopefully this director will do more of the same.

Prison-a-go-go is both fun and funny

In my mind Prison-a-go-go represents what movies should be. It is a movie that entertains viewers because of its plot and content as opposed to trying to dazzle us with eye-candy special effects. It also shows that a entertaining movie can be created without a large budget. Prison-a-go-go has it all, evil scientists, a mean bitchy prison warden, Lloyd Kaufman, ninjas, and most important. . .shower scenes. Keep in mind Prison-a-go-go is not intended to be a women-in-prison movie, but is intended to poke fun at 60s/70s women-in-prison movies. The movie features Rhonda "up-all-night" Shear and Mary Woronov in prominent roles and a small appearance by Lloyd Kaufman. In addition to the movie, the DVD features some great bonus footage. The director Barak Epstein gives a great pool-side interview and also very entertaining info in the director's commentary version of the movie.

Prison-a-go-go is a refreshing break from the big-budget schlock that is peddled to us by Hollywood. Check it out !


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