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Psychos in Love

  • NR
  • 1987-05-01
  • 01:28:00
6/ 10
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Comedy, Horror

“Psychos in Love” is the black comedy of all that I have seen. A lot of humor, a lot of blood and dismemberment . In the film, about 20 murders committed by the first four for five or six minutes early . All are removed so that the studio ” Troma ” just resting – the rope around his neck, lowered pants, tangled in the legs of the victim , a close-up of a female face , a light touch to the body of the knife , shower, Hitchcock allusions … the first time I’ve seen that killed the victim pulled his eyebrow in frame. Trash as it is, the creators did not hide his orientation ” kin ” in front of all his “shortcomings” with admirable tenacity protrude them.

The plot of ” Psychos” is, and quite good for black comedy . Bartender Joe engaged at leisure murders of young women , met with a manicurist Kate, who as well as he is the serial killer. They move in together , doing things you love and feel just fine … At the other end of the city wielding plumber , cannibal , with a couple in love who will later meet …. From the description it would seem that it’s a wild crazy trash . Well the way it is ! But with all this, ” Love Psychopaths ” is a real black comedy . This, in my opinion, all of the most smooths the rough edges of the film …

I was most annoyed by directors who are trying to take a serious movie, but in the end they get poor trash ( Ed Wood does not count). This “serious trash ” is able to ward off any genre of his most ardent admirer. But the ironic trash B. Gorman is wonderful in every way. Great players , awesome scenes (like the episode with the stripper , who did not want to die ) , catchy installation and photography and especially the pseudo- black-and- white inserts an interview with Joe … The first three murders surprised even me … Talented dialogues in the style of Lloyd Kaufman decorate this job.

“Psychos in Love” – the movie is not for everyone. Many of the film seems too unprofessional and stupid at first. But my advice to you is be patient the first ten or twelve minutes. More will be better . The final dialogue about the grapes even something like movies V. Allen …