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Record City

  • PG
  • 1978-02-08
  • 01:32:00
4/ 10
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Record City is a downtown Los Angeles music store run by sleazy Eddie Pierce (Michael Callan) who hires cashiers with the aim of seducing them, the latest prospect being pretty Lorraine (Wendy Schaal) who only has eyes for Tongues singer Kinky Friedman who will be making an appearing during KAKA radio DJ Gordon Kong's (Rick Dees) talent contest which is set to fill the streets outside of the record store with all kinds of Gong Show rejects. 

Apart from human music computer database The Wiz (Ted Lange) and new guy Pokey (Ed Begley Jr.), the rest of the staff are too busy to be star struck: stock boy Danny (Dennis Bowen) is pining for Lorraine, nerdy buddy Rupert (Stuart Goetz) is trying out gimmicks to lose his virginity to fiery Rita (Maria Grimm), plain Olga (Ruth Buzzi) wants to be a sex object while butch Vivian (Deborah White) fights off the possibly imagined advances of Marty (Tim Thomerson), and owner Manny (Jack Carter) is on the run from both his shrill wife (Susan Tolsky) and a thug (Harold Sakata) sent by his bookie. 

Meanwhile, the onslaught of talent show hopefuls are a perfect distraction for a robbery by the master-of-disguise The Chameleon (Frank Gorshin) who may already be under the nose of the cop hired for added security (Sorrell Booke).