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Reform School Girls


Young girl gets a misunderstanding in the women’s prison, which is ruled by a cruel boss and sit hostile prisoners. The opening scene of the movie features a sexy heroine Jenny Williams (performed by Linda Carol) screaming through a broken windshield, which makes you realize that the film is a catalyst of WIP filmmaking. Pat Ast appears to be a lesbian guard of Ilsa wannabe Sybil Danning’s Reform School of cruelty. Despite the fact that a WIP movie usually features no more than two catfights, Reform School Girls offers you half a dozen, coupled with numerous shower scenes, and a few riots. Of course, the nudity is beyond expectations as well, as from the fist five minutes you will get full frontal, which is afterwards keeping this trend with quality naked bodies fashion. Wendy O. Williams is the woman locked down in the Reform school in charge of the other inmates, also getting special treatment from Pat Ast. But when the warden begins cracking down, and makes her to pour tea while all the others slave in the field, Wendy O. Williams would cry that it’s too hard for her.


This Movie Rips!

An amazing and entertaining lingerie-decked actioner. Wendy O. is astounding as...well, Wendy O. Williams, more or less. She is magnetic and she takes the film into the realm of the surreal. I didn't know whether to laugh, cheer or cry during much of the movie; it just does that to you. More touching than "Terms of Endearment" and better action than any Renny Harlin opus.

Don't miss this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty damn good for an exploitation flick

I was expecting this movie to fall into the so-bad-it's-good category, but I was wrong. I found myself surprisingly engaged by the film's plot (Yes, it actually had a plot). I was expecting just a bunch of scenes that serve as poor excuses to showcase naked or scantily clad women. Mind you, there are some scenes like that, but nothing more than you would expect in a woman-in-prison movie. The actors play it straight, rarely acting like they're in a B-movie, as they seem to take their roles pretty seriously. Don't get me wrong, "Reform School Girls" is by no means a film of substance. But it's very entertaining without being too much of a guilty pleasure. Plus, the theme song (performed by Wendy O. Williams herself) is a great, catchy tune!

80's cheese and squeeze

This could be the greatest t&a movie of all time. It's the ultimate 80's women-in-prison movie. It's got loads of nudity, some very sick wardens (the awesome Sybil Danning), and Wendy O. Williams spending most of the film in a g-string! This is a low-budget exploitation film that delivers the goods. There was actually some pretty good acting in the film. If only i would have owned this film when i was 12! It's a fun and cheesy movie that gives you exactly what you'd want from a women-in-prison flick. The scene where Wendy O. Williams crashes a bus is a classic. 80's cheese and squeeze.I highly recommend doing a double feature with Hollywood chainsaw hookers...that'd be a fun night.

A "Women in Prison" classic

This is pure genius and Wendy O. is pure evil.As the world's oldest living teenager (female), It is obvious from the beginning of events that even though the walls could contain her body, they could not contain her personality. Although part of the finale involving a school bus seems to have been ripped off from her music video, this movie is true grit from beginning to end. Especially how the strong enslave.

I absolutely, positively love this movie

Warning: Spoilers

It's quite entertaining. I first discovered it in college, and my gay roommate and I found Pat Ast to be one of the most undiscovered comedic gems of the decade in it. The fantastic lines in this film come one after the other, and almost twenty years later, I still quote it. The usual B-movie WiP tropes abound, with Wendy O. Williams adding just the right amount of wrong. Nothing is terribly salacious, frankly, so if you're looking for a lot of naked women in lingerie giving each other sponge baths, you're not going to find it here, although there is plenty of just plain naked, but if you want some genuine action scenes, a lot of cursing, and some acting that will entertain you, along with some of the cleverest dialogue you will hear in a crappy movie, you will not be disappointed. You can enjoy this film with a clear conscience. It certainly delivers entertainment. PS--TINY SPOILER--there is one scene where a kitten meets an unfortunate end but you don't see anything on camera. It definitely has impact.


Reform School Girls

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