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Return of the Killer Tomatoes!

  • PG
  • 1988-04-22
  • 01:38:00
5/ 10
111 votes

Comedy, Horror, Science Fiction

Mad scientist Professor Gangreen is cooking up the second coming of the Great Tomato Uprising, in which music converted tomatoes into human form to war against mankind. Pizza delivery man Chad Finletter must save the world and beautiful tomato-girl Tara.


One of the best movies ever

This movie has everything from cheesy lines to classic quotes (iron your pants, how about a blow job?) and tear jerking loneliness and romance (I mean in the laughable sense). When the movie (as pov as it is) finally runs out of money they turn to product placement, only too obviously. From main characters describing their methods of transportation to a picture of the haunted mansion with a pepsi logo on it, you'll adore this movie and have to own it.

It also stars George Clooney in his first acting role (god only knows how he made it up from there) and it doesn't require you to see the first Killer tomatoes (thank god) there is an indepth recap of it in this film (to waste time). I cherish this movie and would put it on my top ten of all time (right up there with BioZombies).

Best B movie ever

Warning: Spoilers

I like this one better than the original, I'm sure I am the minority on that but it is so damn funny you will puke ! When they went into product placement I laughed so hard I couldn't stop! It didn't have the slow parts like the original, instead it took parts of the original to fill you in and that was hilarious how they used it.

one of my best b-movie ever seen

ok, this is a b-movie, and there is best to see, but this one has something peculiar, between a monty python's "stupidity", and the american way of filming...

you know that's gonna be plotless, but you see that the crew really enjoyed making this movie with an accurate sense of causticity. there are plenty of allusions(ex: rob lowe, bikini girls...)

its construction shows self-criticism, their play is really dumb, but it has a way of making it for pleasure. it has a lot of funny innuendos. its the best films of the serie...

this film is considered as a cult, in its way, like the "horror picture show', and you'll understand afterwards why clooney likes to play the clown, when you see his filmography..but he's not just the only interesting actor of this movie ( ;o) )

the best thing is to see it with friends and drinks & foods (try to make a pizza without tomatoes but with pineapples & tunafish).

enjoy! :-p

A truly excellent comedic spoof.

If you expect a serious movie you'll be massively disappointed. If, however you're expecting a comedic spoof that doesn't take itself (or it's prequel) seriously then you're in for a wild ride. It's almost worth watching just so you can admire George Clooney's 80's mullet. There's little plot, but instead there is a series of imaginative scenes which can really make you laugh (so long as you don't try and take the movie seriously). Heartily recommended.

Cult Classic Continues...

...excuse the excessive alliteration. A sequel (of sorts, though they change the entire plot) to the original "Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes," this film absolutely screams "80's"...the music especially. That said, sure, it's silly, it's plot-deficient, it's over-acted...but it's SUPPOSED to be! The movie constantly makes fun of itself as it runs. ("Hey, has there been a chase scene in this movie yet?")

A young, big-haired George Clooney delivers dozens of one-liners perfectly [this is not a big surprise, actually], the visual jokes are a riot (the overdone "product placement" is brilliant, especially considering its juxtaposition with the completely silly "fight scene" featuring cowboys, ninjas, bikers, and a really bad impersonation of Muamar Ghadafi), John Astin's totally-over-the-top "evil doctor" character is so deliberately bad it's good, the little sideline parodies are excellent (Oliver North Federal Prison? Full Contact America's Cup Yachting?)...good stuff all around.

Oh yes, and it's also one of the very few films to feature the gorgeous Karen Mistal. (I've spent some time trying to figure out what she supposedly did with a lawnchair, six milk bottles, and a tuning fork...)

It also features a quick cameo by lingerie-clad Teri Weigel, who went on to star in quite a few other movies...though most of them aren't exactly rated "PG," if you catch my drift.

This is some violent fruit.

Of all the great films that were as good as or better than the originals: From Russia With Love, Godfather II, Aliens, The Empire Strikes Back, ROTKT is the most underrated. Funny, funny stuff this. The first one is no where near this good. Not to be confused with Revenge of the Radish.

I just love this

I just find this film so incredibly funny with every watch. as a fan of B movies and trashy horror films, this film hits the spot with it's tremendous humour and just daft situations.

I love the fact that film even spoofs it's own budget half way through and so many scenes stand out, the mime artist, the restaurant scene( the interview with the woman is hilarious) the list goes on.

The jokes are daft but work, Karen Mistral is stunning and the whole thing works so well. One of those films I still stick on play when little worth watching and it never tires. I truly RELISH this film ( sorry).

An excellent 80's movie

Warning: Spoilers

This is an excellent movie on so many levels. The 80s nostalgia was all over it, the hair and clothing styles, the music. George Clooney was in top form, his scenes were excellent, he had me laughing on the floor. Tara is the hottest tomato that I've ever seen. The Finletter/Kadafi/cowboys/ninjas/bikers fight was incredibly funny, and the product placement scenes blew the later used scenes in Wayne's World away-though they were funny too. If you wanna watch a fun movie, when your not in the mood to strain your brain on a complex plot line, feel like reliving some of those 80s trends, or you just feel like laughing your ass off, give Return of the Killer Tomatoes a try. Also except for a flashback scene, you don't have to listen to the song Puberty Love in this one!!!

One of the funniest movies from the 80's

The is the second killer tomatoes movies and it is better then the first. Third killer tomatoes movie Killer tomatoes strike back is better. The forth killer tomatoes movie Killer tomatoes eat France is also better. This is this a great movie. Is it very funny. See it. See all this killer tomatoes movies. 5.1 is underrating it. This movie has a great story line. It also has great special effects. It also has great acting. It is very funny. See it. See all the killer tomatoes movies. This is one of the funniest movies from the 80's. There are not to many comedy movie that are funny. But this is. See it. It will make you laugh. See all the killer tomatoes movies. They are some of the comedy movie ever.

Greatest Movie ever to not take itself seriously

What can I say about this movie except that it is FUNNY! Not once does it take itself seriously, always blurring the line between what you know a movie to be and just how ridiculous can you make it. Check this out for a young George Clooney. Or just check it out for a really fun night.

An enjoyably inane hoot

Warning: Spoilers

Mad scientist Professor Gangreen (a gloriously hammy John Astin) plans on conquering the world with his army of tomato men soldiers. It's up to nice guy pizza maker Chad Finletter (affable Anthony Starke) and his easygoing smoothie best friend Matt Stevens (an engaging performance by George Clooney in an early pre-stardom gig) to stop Gangreen before it's too late. Moreover, Chad falls in love with sweet'n'sexy, yet seriously kooky tomato lady Tara Boumdeay (an adorable portrayal by sultry brunette fox Karen Mistal). Director/co-writer John De Bello crams this flick with plenty of blithely silly and often sidesplitting jokes about such things as product placement, cheesy TV game shows, equally tacky late-night trashy movie marathon television programs, and lousy special effects (Gangreen's house is an obvious crummy matte painting), plus tosses in a corny romantic montage set to a hideously sappy song (watch out for the irritating mime!), a scene-stealing hairball mutant tomato named FT, a snake that growls like a dog, a nonsensical gratuitous fight scene complete with ninjas, and loads of priceless dippy dialogue (favorite line: "The girl of my dreams is a vegetable"). The cast have a field day with the screwball material: Starke and Clooney make for likable protagonists, Astin deliciously overacts with eye-rolling aplomb, Steve Lundquist pours on the smarm as Gangreen's slimy yuppie assistant Igor, J. Stephen Peace is a riot as Chad's gung-ho uncle Wilbur, and De Bello contributes a pleasingly smug turn as supremely obnoxious TV reporter Charles White. The plain cinematography by Stephen Kent Welch and Victor Lou gives this picture a properly chintzy look. The bouncy score by Rick Patterson and Neal Fox and the witty theme song both hit the groovy spot as well. Sure, this flick is incredibly dumb and ridiculous immaterial fluff, but the film's endearingly giddy'n'goofy sense of off-the-wall humor is impossible to either resist or dislike. An absolute gut-buster.

Great campy flick

Warning: Spoilers

Director: have you seen the special effects Show them the special effects

Guy holds up a cheesy drawing

Then they went on showing all these Advertising products.... LOL GOOD STUFF

One of the Best -Funnest-'B' movies ever.

I have to say I first saw this movie while I was in graduate school. My roommate brought it home and it had been a rough day in the lab, so why not? I had seen the original movie and remembered its 'cult star' appeal so I kind of expected the same kind of movie. I was wrong.

This movie tries its best to disguise itself as a B movie. But there is a lot more to this production. Generally B movie acting turns me off. But the crew of this movie really shines through. The 'Star' of this movie is supposed to be John Astin, although George Clooney of later fame also shines in this film. The main actor, Anthony Starke, plays his part brilliantly. But, lets be fair, the actor, or actress, in this movie who I think is the real star is Karen Mistal. She was hired for her obvious incredible beauty, but frankly, she really shines in this film as an actress. She plays the roll as a creation of the 'mad scientist' and brings real mystery (in a light-hearted way)to the roll. I think it is a real pity that she never developed into a better known actress in any other movies.

If you like knee-slapping non-sophisticated in your face humor this is the movie for you, sort of like 'Airplane' or the 'Naked Gun' series type humor. If you want sophisticated humor I guess there is still Woody-Allen, right? I liked it so much it was one of the first comedy VHS movies I bought, and that was saying a lot back when I was a poor graduate student.

And watch-out for those veggies! PS. Skip the Tomatoes in France. Now there's some bad acting!

One of the best ever!

This is a great spoof of a B-movie, with a great cast, a young George Clooney, one of cutest girl on the planet (Kara Mistal, oh boy... what a sight), even a playmate in white lingerie!! What do you want more? Rent it, buy it, grab it somehow! It's a must for every movie lover out there

One of the few films that's actually better that the original

This film was extremely funny because it poked fun of itself, its predecessor, and lots of other things. This movie sort of had a weak plot but then again look at the title, it makes up for it though with a good sense of humor about itself and George Clooney has a supporting role!


Warning: Spoilers

Being as old as I am I can remember when the original ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES was released. Not so much in theaters as on video tape. I'm not sure if it played many theaters, then again it could have hit the midnight movie circuit. In any event, it was hilarious by being intentionally low budget and glorying in that format. It became popular enough that a sequel was bound to happen. Who would have thought that it would have George Clooney in the second lead role though? Mad Professor Gangreen (John Astin) is planning a produce protest, an herbal uprising, a tomato tornado…in short he is planning on having the tomatoes once again attack the world. Using music he can change tomatoes into various human forms. One of those is Tara (Karen Mistal), a ripe tomato turned into a gorgeous human who isn't pleased with the way Gangreen treats her fellow veggies. She runs off only to meet our hero, Chad (Anthony Starke) and fall in love.

After Gangreen sends his assistant out to capture Tara and bring her home, Chad and his best friend Matt (Clooney) attempt to thwart the plans of Gangreen. Discovering that certain songs change the tomatoes back and forth, he's heartbroken when one song turns Tara back into a tomato. Finding the right song to change her back he and Matt do their best to stop Gangreen and his 'mato minions.

The movie not only uses its cheesiness to its advantage it grasps it with both hands and strangles every single joke possible out of it. It basks in the glory of being a grade B movie and relishes in that format, playing on words and situations that mingle vegetables and humor for some decent laughs and a lot of fun. This isn't Oscar material and all involved know that. Instead it embraces the genre it is a part of a goes for all it can.

The acting isn't amazing but well done by all involved. I'm not sure this is one that Clooney is proud to have on his resume but he should be. It displays his ability for comedy long before he was able to put it out there for fans to enjoy much later. The rest of the cast might not have achieved near the stardom but they all put forth a great effort here. Astin, most famously known for playing Gomez Addams in the TV series THE ADDAMS FAMILY, does a great job here as the mad scientist intent on overtaking the world. He would continue to play the character in the next sequel as well as the animated series based on the films.

Even though this film is not the type to receive a ton of respect it gets it in spades here from Arrow Video. Like all of their other releases their offering it in the best presentation possible with a 1080p blu-ray copy. The extras aren't abundant but the odds of those even being available are small. Included are brand new audio commentary with writer/director John De Bello, a brand new interview with Stark, the original theatrical trailer, a reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Matthew Griffin and a fully illustrated collector's booklet featuring writing by critic James Oliver.

If you remember the films from your days at the video store or maybe from the animated series then odds are you'll enjoy this one. Fans of Clooney looking to make their collection complete will want this one as well. It's a fun time that has been given a new life thanks to Arrow Video.

Really funny movie.

Warning: Spoilers

*Spoilers at the end*

I really wish I had seen the original movie before this one, but I saw this movie for sale, and I just had to get it, knowing the reputation of the original. And I gotta say, I laughed my buttocks off watching this movie. Everything about this was hilarious. The beginning with "Big Breasted Women Go to the Beach and Take Their Tops Off" the movie, and how the movie treated itself like it was a piece of crap. And I love the interruptions in the middle of the movie, like when they were showing clips of the first movie and people called in complaining that this wasn't really a new movie, all they did was recycle the old one. And I love when the director has to stop the movie to tell everybody they were out of money, and so they started the product placement. That had to have been the funniest thing I have seen in a couple of months.

I can't understand why this movie has such a low rating, I loved it. I am a huge advocate of terrible B-Movies and that was what I expected to see when I watched this. A terrible B-Movie, but I got so much more. I actually laughed at their jokes, I enjoyed the plot, and I believed the actors, no matter how goofy they were at some times. The only part about this movie (and I know it is supposed to seem like this) that I really did not like, was the end. I really do not like anti-climaxes, and I did not like this ending. When F.T. jumped onto the grenade and blew up, I really wanted him to stay dead for two reasons. I SAW him get blown up, and I SAW him blow up into pieces. He should not have survived. But, that wasn't the full end. I actual end was where all the tomato clones went down to the beach and took their tops off... What an ending. Great movie, deserves more credit than it was given.