SassyFlix | Sandra


  • NR
  • 1965-09-15
  • 01:45:00
7/ 10
34 votes

Drama, Mystery, War

Tortured by complexes and frustrations which make her volatile and unstable, Sandra Dawson returns. with her American husband Andrew, to her native Volterra, in Italy, to the family home which she had fled as a young girl. Her younger brother, Gianni, also returns. The home is to be given to the city as a memorial to their father, a prominent Jewish scientist who was killed in a Nazi concentration camp. THey are also reunited with their aged-and-ill mother, and her second husband, Gilardini, the administrator of the estate. Sandra's real reason for returning is the suspicion that her mother and Gilardini plotted to arrange the deportation and death of her father. Andrew, unable to understand Sandra's obsession,leaves her and she turns to Gianni for help, only to realize his is an incestuous interest.