SassyFlix | Shoot Loud, Louder... I Don't Understand

Shoot Loud, Louder... I Don't Understand

  • NR
  • 1966-10-26
  • 01:40:00
5/ 10
131 votes

Comedy, Crime, Fantasy

Alberto is a sculptor who sometimes has trouble separating his fantasies from reality. He shares a home in Naples with his Uncle Nicola. One night after meeting the beautiful Tania, he dreams that his neighbour, Amitrano, has been murdered by his family. He reports it to the police. Later he tells the police that he may have just imagined it but the police refuse to believe him, knowing that Amitrano was a gangster, and arrest him. Then Amitrano appears and demands Alberto's passport so he can escape to South America. Eventually Alberto and Tania flee from Naples.