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Slaughter High

  • R
  • 1986-11-14
  • 01:30:00
6/ 10
66 votes


High school outcast Marty Rantzen is seduced by popular girl Carol in the women's locker room. This is revealed as a prank as several students appear and mock Marty's naked body. Led by troublemaker Skip, the students physically abuse Marty before the coach intervenes. Later, two of the students feign remorse and offer Marty marijuana laced with something to make him sick. Skip messes with Marty's science project, accidentally setting off a chain of events that ends with Marty being doused with nitric acid, disfiguring him.

Ten years later Carol meets Skip and the others at their high school reunion. They find they were the only ones invited, with the school long vacant and in disrepair. They decide to break in and party, and unbeknownst to them the school's caretaker is killed by a man wearing a jester mask. Soon the friends begin dying in variety of ways – Ted's stomach explodes upon drinking an acid-laced beer, Shirley is melted with acid while taking a bath, Carl is impaled while trying to escape in a car, Susan is killed off-screen, Joe is eviscerated by tractor blades, Stella and Frank are electrocuted while having sex, and Nancy is drowned in a cesspit. Skip is hanged by a noose but escapes.

The jester chases Carol throughout the school, and in her panic she accidentally kills Skip with an axe to the face. Finally the jester kills Carol with a javelin in the locker room where the initial prank took place. Removing his mask, the jester is revealed as Marty, who revels in his revenge before he hallucinates and gets attacked by the spirits of the people he just slaughtered and passes out.

Someone must of found Marty while Demolition thinking he was a Victim to the Massacre, Marty wakes up in the hospital. A doctor remarks that Marty's skin grafting has been a success. However, Marty kills the doctor and a nurse before ripping the new skin from his face.